DHBM Grand Hall

DHBM Grand Hall

Welcome to the DHBM Grand Hall!
A place where forumers live within the digital city. It’s a lot smaller than intended, but hey, it’s honest work. It will feature how the forumers create topics, what they look like, where they stay, etc.

Where They Live
Within the digital city, the forums is a big giant hotel with lots of things to do in there. Each category of the forums is a section of the hotel on where they formers talk. We’ll get to that in a second. When you walk in, you’ll see a check in run by Discobot. You check back in after your gaming session (remember this takes place in the game) and either head back to your room to rest or go chat with friends in the forums.

Where They Sleep
Basics get their room on the first floor, Members on second, Regulars on third, and the staff in the fourth. Because of the massive amount of users, it’ll be impossible to walk to your rooms due to the massive hallways to accommodate each user. Instead, you’ll ride those escalators that are on the floor that will take you to your room. If you are promoted, your room will be transferred to the corresponding floor. For example, if you become a regular, you’ll be moved to the the third floor. If you lose your regular status, you’ll still be on the third floor, but you are unable to access features as a regular.

How They Interact
All categories are located on the first floor due to all the other floors being reserved for the fourmers. Regulars have their own category on their floor, but it’s a secret. Categories work just how they do in the forums. Each category has a section where topics can be found. Like for example: Community Chatter, Patch Notes, Forum Feedback, etc. A topic is a pod. You sit down in it and you type out what you want to say. Your avatar will get to share what the replay said. When a topic is closed, all forumers are moved out of the pod and is closed by either the system, who looks like a security guard, or Polaris. The pod will also have a either a countdown on how many hours until the topic opens, or a date showing when the topic was archived. Archived topics will be moved to the back of the section.

Within The Digital City
This is the most interesting part of the project: how it fits within the game’s headcanon. You see, the avatars are like trainers. You get your own copy of heroes and you fight off creeps on the streets. Playing a mode is simple, your avatar just enters in and plays the mode. They can shop in the market, communicate with other players in the guild chat, they watch their heroes fight in the arena, coliseum, trials, and port, they can buy crates, enhance badges, all that Jazz. Guilds are a train station that bring you to the guild there. Guilds are underground and can be accessed through the guild or guild war. The chats are in a building Called “the chat bar” where other players within the game chat with each other. Global and VIP are the only chats in the bar, guild chat is in the guild, announcements are broadcasted everywhere, heist chat is in the heist, and friend chats are in the players hideout. The hideout is where the player upgrades their heroes, craft badges, develop friendships, and live if they don’t go on the forums. The players can also go to the non infected Areas, and explore the wonders of the digital city that they chose to save.

What do you imagine?
Now it’s your turn to play. What do you imagine this? How do you imagine your room, avatar, etc? In the replies below, if you want, draw out what your avatar looks like.

Thanks for reading!

(This will be updated with more drawings!)


Sorry this took so long! I had life and other things to attend to. :slight_smile:

It is gonna take some time for me to create mine, but I will definitely do it! This is so creative and fun. Awesome job friend.


Sounds fun, very creative!

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