Another diamond crate gift giving please @polaris

Can we please get another diamond crate gift giving please @Polaris

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I’m not opposed to this idea but I do think that there are other items that are more needed.


That’s not his job.

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He could pass the message on. Wink

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:roll_eyes: Yeah. Sure.

Like what… diamond crates give badges, gold, chips and XP drinks, all most needed items.
And so far this deal was only good, so I prefer to appear 38483 times more rather than any other deal.

That’s… right…

Things like stamina and consumables. Things that are harder to come by. I liked the diamond crates but personally I would rather be getting stamina and double drop items.

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Double drops items are pointless without stamina, so stamina would be better.

And bags sometimes appear from weekly quest.

lol, a guild gift with double drop items would be terrible. What is someone going to do with 20 double drop bags?!


Yep…Thats pointless…20 dbl drops…rip…
I had rather prefer Diamond crates deal again…Best deal ever…Or Stamina deal.
THE MOST Worst gift deal is = 10 hero chips!!:neutral_face::neutral_face:


More viable having stamina pots then crates

Not really…(Many)Diamond Crates give you - Xp drinks …lot of golds, hero chips alot, sometimes very good badges
But…Stamina ,badges not alot…A single r10 badge will eat 5k+ stamina ,it gives gold(But whole cancels out while crafting …only U get to have some gold left only)
CONCLUSION: Diamond crates deal is way better than Stamina pots.

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Did you read what I wrote or did you just rush to conclusions?

See, and.:man_facepalming:

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Have double drops on 20 days.

They definitely won’t be together.

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Well, probably not, but I was saying that they were the items that I would prefer. It was an opinion and most certainly not a demand.

RNG though, that’s the problem. We should have more perks for crates but we haven’t had any for months, the xp pots hasn’t been updated for months… hero chips, badge bits, gold tokens are RNG and not great

Its no ones job becauses it’s automatic it’s decided by a code

Uh, I don’t think you know how this works.


After well over 2000 diamond crates, thanks to that recent guild gift, I think I was able to promote one red hero from the badges I acquired. Even a couple hundred stamina pots would have proven more likely to allow me to promote someone I considered a high priority.

Perhaps badge crates would be useful in providing a greater number of badges needed for promoting high-rank heroes, although even then there’s going to be some degree of randomness in who could be promoted.

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