Another sitcom dad (Unlikely concept remake)

Homer Simpson


1 star, frontline tank

“Woo hoo!”

Homer Simpson uses his doughnut eating and duff drinking to project himself in the battlefield


Entrance: Homer rides into the battlefield in his family’s car before getting out and pulling out a doughnut

Victory: The family’s couch and TV appears as homer sits down on the couch and watches the TV

Defeat: Homer let’s out a loud “Doh!”

Basic attack: see passive


White: D’ohnut

Passive: instead of a normal basic attack, homer instead munches on a doughnut which heals him for x amount and gives him a single stack of “doughnut”, each stack of “doughnut” increases homer max HP by x amount per stack of “doughnut” that homer gains throughout each wave.

(Homer can only have 10 stacks of “doughnut”)

Active: homer pulls out a box of doughnuts and eats a bunch of doughnuts, this consumes all stacks of “doughnut”, healing homer for x amount and removing 1 debuff per stacks of “doughnut” that homer has gained throughout the wave.

Green: Why you little

Whenever homer gets knocked back, he gets angry and strangles the foe who knocked him back, dealing x damage to the foe and also stunning the foe for 5 seconds

Whenever the enemy is under X percent of their HP, the stun time is extended by 3 seconds.

Blue: The duff

When under 20% of his max HP, homer drinks a can of duff which heals him for x amount and makes homer invincible for 5 seconds.

Purple: The homer they fall

Homer gains X armor and X HP whenever he is knocked back by any source.

Red: Couch gag

“The duff” now activates earlier when homer is under 40% of his max HP, the invincibility from the skill is now 3 seconds longer.

Each stack of “doughnut” homer gains cleanses him of any debuffs that he has on him.
+X damage to “Why you little”
+X max HP
+X skill power


Homer Simpson/Goofy
Father’s night out
Knockbacks heal homer
+X max HP
+X skill power

Knockbacks done to homer now heal him for x amount when he is under the effects of “The homer they fall”

Homer Simpson/Kim possible
189th job
shared invincibility
+2 seconds to invincibility

Homer now gives 30% of the invincibility invincibility from “The duff” to the two weakest allies in the battlefield.


That’s a bad thing…

Then he can’t use the green skill if he is immune to knock backs, which IMO is a bad thing.

that…was a typo…i fixed it

Good point…I fixed that too

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It looks cool. As for Duff most likely it would be changed to a Buzz Cola.

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