Any plans for new Guild Contest perks?

It’s been roughly a year since Guild Contests were introduced into the game; they’ve been one of the better additions over the years, IMO. But, after this weekend’s contest, there will be just four more Guild Contest Perks to earn, or three months’ worth of Guild Contests. Are there plans to either expand the current perks, add new perks, or introduce a new way to spend the Guild Contest influence, like buying Double Hero XP powerups for everyone in the guild?


This is a sleepy post but I have the same question and was told to post here.

Will there ever be additional guild contest perks? They were nice to have and now we have 250k unusable credits towards it since it hasn’t been expanded.

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@Loutre , you can become the best community manager in my opinion if you can get the team to implement some more guild perks (contest and normal) to the game. People have been posting suggestions for a long time and nothing ever seems to be done and a lot feel ignored on this subject matter. Yes the development leader in one of q&a said they will consider it, but considering isn’t same as implementing.

As of now, couple suggestions would have (put them in what category you want, I just want more that are more worthwhile then the last disappointing guild crate consumables addition)…

  1. The ability to raise port fights to at least four fights naturally (ie no certain vip status or spend gems to unlock more)
  2. X2 stamina , elite backpacks, normal backpack, shield points, and color crates consumables
  3. Battle Badge enhancement discounts for guild members
  4. Extra stamina up to 10% (or whatever percent more as high you guys willing to go) per stamina gem buy
  5. Increase invasion tier rewards up to an extra 10% (or whatever percent more as high you guys willing to go)
  6. Decrease overall badge costs up to 25% as an example
  7. Earn extra coli and arena chips by like 25%
  8. Discount on special crates when they drop by like 20% (Bartley crate, the slinky type crate, etc)

Please and thank you (and p.s. only commenting on this topic because someone else revived the topic first)


Some great ideas here - ever if PB has other ideas…but totally agree that we just really need more guild perks. Generation all that influence with not much to us it on is a downer - just today got a blue bit that I have 14k of :joy: @Loutre can you please lobby for us players and guild leaders :grin:


Indeed, those guild crates Perk suck. IMO changing the guild name is better than spending those infleunce on Guild Crates which gives blue bits etc :frowning:

Oh hey, it’s been nearly 49 weeks since I posted this topic; in the meantime, we’ve had 14 Guild Contests but only 3 Guild Contest Perks added, so right now my guild is sitting on 700,000 Guild Contest Tokens with nothing to spend them on.

I rattled off a number of suggestions for contest and regular guild perks nearly 7 weeks ago; surely others could improve on my suggestions or come up with better ones. There’s lots of room for guild perks that would be modestly helpful without being game-breaking; it would be great if the dev team could spend a little time deciding on and implementing several, so that guilds wouldn’t be stuck with the frustration of having nothing to spend influence on except pointless name changes and slightly-less-pointless guild crates.


I’ll let the team know!


That’s good to hear; thanks!

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