April 2021 Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh!

April Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh!

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode April Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh! Featuring a new character, Demona from Disney’s Gargoyles!


Demona is a mid-line “Damage” character. Demona will be available as the April Sign-In Hero!


Grim Readings
Demona reads from the Grimorum Arcanorum, dealing a percent of her max HP as damage to herself and the closest few enemies.

Always A Survivor
When Demona reaches 0 HP and after a few seconds, Demona is healed and gains energy. Demona also gains energy at the start of each wave. The battle ends when Demona is KO’d when all of her allies are also KO’d.

Piercing Beam
At the start of each wave, Demona Scares all enemies and then fires her particle beam at the closest enemy, dealing a percent of their max HP as damage and Sapping them.

After Demona revives X times, she gets a bazooka that causes her basic attacks to deal damage to enemies in an area.

Gargoyle Power
Demona deals damage equal to a percent of her max HP to herself and enemies with her basic attack. When Demona reaches 0 HP, she applies stacks of Weakness to the enemy that damaged her last. Enemies with Weakness take 10% more damage per stack and enemies can have a max of 5 stacks of Weakness.


  • Demona and The Evil Queen
  • Demona and Goliath

April Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on March 31. Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on April 1.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Hero: Demona will be the April Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • The Rocketeer will be available in the VIP Crate
  • Hamm will be available in the Guild Crate
  • Captain Amelia will replace Disgust in the City Watch Shop
  • Syndrome will replace Kim Possible in the Creep Surge Shop
  • Linguini & Remy will replace Colette in the Arena Shop
  • Kermit will replace Sadness in the Coliseum Shop
  • Honey Lemon will replace Dr. Facilier in the Heist Shop
  • Wasabi will replace Goliath in the Guild War Shop

I like demona’s design. I thought her wings would be out but it looks cool like that. Also she seems crazy op… she won’t be fun to fight :roll_eyes:

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I love the Demona artwork!



Also, happy that we got both two new characters in two different announcements. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


NOW we’re talking :grin:

Amelia in CW again? Ok…


That looks godly OP


I’m so excited to start using her as I really love her skills and one friendship🎉

One of the most overpowered skills to date IMO


Demona looks annoying to fight against, but cool to play as! Maybe I should watch Gargoyles…

First of all, what a funny coincidence. :sweat_smile:

Second of all, YES!

YES!! (x2)

YES!!! (x3)


This is my absolute favorite set of shop rotations I’ve ever seen! Thanks, PB!


How to say it…


Considering how high is negation and tenacity :confused:


Ouch! Ouch!


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. I think she’s already have one month for a character was coming to city watch

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Also, can we get Drakken’s Gizmo friendship as the cameo of Demona isn’t anymore a spoiler?

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What! No, this is wrong, she barely left CW in March!

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If what we saw in data is true, Demona will be a must-have for Blue Invasion. And will be just a matter of how many Demonas attack the bot.

Harder than Guild Crate LOL

Even harder than HL. WOW.

Those 3 back? Kinda meh, ngl.

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I think all I need is to put Lock Shock and Barrel for City Watch

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Yikes! Another villain has arrived. It’s Demona!

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:thinking: Demona looks somewhat that I’m expecting since she appeared in DSA and DEB

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More characters from gargoyles this is sweet


Just like Syndrome in April last year along with Kristoff

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I haven’t watch the show on Disney plus but this makes wanna watch it since I heard it’s good

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