Arena Challenger Bug Fix

And the amount of mods isn´t even high…

if only we could have Contests with mod upgrades (which aren´t exploitable!) as between September and November 2021…

we are gaining trash amounts of them ever since.

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So what will happen to them they will move in ranks unfairly this challenge season because of that? What will happen to the people that played with the exploit?

They will be compensate somehow. Right?

Don’t say that. What about Patch Notes 4.7? It’ll be on the way very shortly.

Using a flaw in the game, where the developers made a big mistake is considered cheating? While half the server knowingly or not knowingly used it, cause it is just a team composition? And you call the people cheaters?? In my opinion it is just bad programming and badly handled by the new support.


Sorry to break the news to you sweetie
But the game is on a fast track to being reduced to monthly cap increases

There is no more resources to keep up the expansions and the players are tired of empty promises

A factual problem still remains.

If you let people keep the broken ranks and saying no no no it’s against ToS… some might take it as a pass and not tell again if a bug like this occurs @Samm

I’d advise the team to prepare some in-game penalty if people are continually abusing bugs like these in the game.
Meaning that those players getting the wild score once, maximally twice will be kept intact. Those who “test” it more lose some in-game items they have as a means to compromise the higher gain they were using the bug for.

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What a strange opinion so if you use a team that scores a lot of points cause somehow the points stack they should be punished? Maybey find a way to punish the developers for making a big mistake or you for being jealous?


I sent support a photo of a 770m score and asked if players would get in trouble for scoring this high, I was told no.

I hope no accounts will be deemed in violation of the tos for this. Especially since their own support staff said they would not. People were trying to promote to the next round the only way they could under the scoring that was set up by PB.

I asked this on Tuesday, this scoring adjustment should have been made for the start of the new week. We are two days in I rather of seen a reset and everyone allowed to instantly reset teams since many have set it to 1 single hero. I definitely think this could have been handled much better and much sooner.


True starkey cause of bad programming of the developers the only way to promote was to find the team that gave a high score otherwise you wouldn’t have been promoted. I think everyone here sais they are ok with a reset so why not. I am ok with a reset. But calling us cheaters for something they caused offends me.


This would’ve been useful to know earlier, yes. Then I could have tried out the exploit over the past couple of days with a clear conscience.

Ah well, live and learn.

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Learn not to trust…

Tbh arena been broken forever if they want true competition in arena they need to remove quick fight points orrrrr do off duties for the week to add spice to it it’s not fun going up against 20 teams running some combo of quasi/baymax/hatter/meilin/Zeus

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You might want to refamiliarize yourself with the ToU:

And if you’re able to get a score in the millions (or even billions) in a mode that normally has max scores under 2500, that should be a big clue that it’s an exploit.


@Samm would it be possible to disqualify all the people who used the exploit from promoting next week and move the promotion spot down to the first legitimate score? Or is that not possible

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In your dreams maybe. Suggest you read above. As you are taking the mickey.

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I was one of the first, and most consistent, players to complain about that tactic. I guess you weren’t paying attention to the forums during that time.

And just to repeat,

If you don’t like that, take it up with PerBlue, princess.


This is an absolutely ridiculous was to “resolve” this problem. You are literally rewarding those players who used an exploit which you refer to as cheating. (Although, I question whether it is actually cheating, since it’s a PerBlue mistake).

However, since you made the mistake, all players should get top rewards for this season.




And all fun stops here, just reset all points and give players the keys, so everyone starts from fair 0.

Uhh… using heroes is an exploit? Oh no! I can’t use Miguel?!
It’s literally a system made by you, it’s not players fault.


Funny that because for 8 9 months that bug of changing disks screwed me out of division 1. I reported it early. Did they fix it? Did they say sorry? Did they promote me ahead of cheaters. Did they compensate me no. So what makes you think you should be compensated? Not happening. I mean tbh you can’t tell the difference between what’s a per blue issue and what’s player . A player cheating is using things on invasion to hit a bot quicker etc. Which plenty Did. Cheating is NOT finding a bug you or no one else knew about and scoring ridiculous points that can’t be cheating as its per blues fault for not having a max points score. Simple as. Only reason you arent happy is you didn’t find it would be my guess. I mean 2 people have knocked me out in arena because of this. Don’t see me going take it off them. Because I know as a player who is responsible for making sure coli and arena run right. That’s per blue. Not the players. OH and princess that bug that got me knocked out again and again wss still being used until around 2 weeks ago. As they still hadn’t implemented it. Which was a joke in itself.


We rarely agree musketeer but couldn’t agree more. I mean I lost a fight got a billion odd points im like how? What just happened then I figured out why I got them and knew well that’s not meant to do that. But hp shields always was about dragging the fight out for 1500 1600 points not my fault it suddenly gave me a billion.

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