Arena/Coliseum Disk Changing Cooldown

Since we originally changed how the Disk changing cooldown in Arena/Coliseum works based on player feedback and have since been getting feedback that players do not like it and feel some people are using it as an exploit we have two options that we are considering. Just keep it as it is now or change it back to how it was previously. We’ll be keeping this poll up for a week and looking into what we would like to do after.

  • Keep It aka Lineup Cooldown is only triggered when swapping a Hero
  • Change It Back aka Lineup Cooldown will be triggered when swapping a Hero OR changing a Memory Disk

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Shouldn’t the poll have been limited only to one choice? @Loutre

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Can’t change it now! I think it’s fine if you wanna vote twice whatever

What triggers the change @Loutre ?

Is it when we go into the line up and click on Defense or if a memory disk changes in the background it automatically updates?

If the latter, sending spars with different disks will trigger this involuntarily?

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I’m not sure what you’re asking? If it goes back it will just be how it was in, I believe, April? Otherwise it just stays as it is.

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Also, I do think you should completely remove Quick Fight bonus points.
It’s bigger issue.

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Arena and coliseum are extremely flawed and need serious work tbh outside of the whole disc changing thing it’s not fun battling the same 5 heroes in later weeks cause people have to run them for the stall points. Maybe make quick win points scale from 10-1 maybe instead of the hundreds of points it is now to put it more into the players hands


No quick fight is fine but it needs to be dwarfed to 10-1 for the first 10 seconds of battle not 15 seconds

Ok, this is just about the cooldown people have been asking for. Please keep it to that topic.

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It does kind of go hand and hand sadly with the whole disc cooldown topic

Nothing else will be changed currently except cooldown.

Will atleast be looked into or maybe put up a feedback post about quick win points

of course, a change of friendship or a hero, so that there are no contractual battles and everyone is on an equal footing. last week 2 members of the guardians guild used this and came out on top with 5 minutes before the prizes were awarded, beating everyone else by almost 20k points. at the same time, there were 5 more representatives of the same guild in the group, who changed friendship back and forth.

What they are essentially asking is when you edit your defense will it continue to lock in the disk that is equipped to each hero when you set your defense?

Or will it go back to the very old way where the disk equipped to heroes in your defense will not lock in and will instead change whenever you change the disk equipped to the hero for other game modes?

Example - I set all 5 heroes in my defense to use their disk #1. I later change the disk equipped to one of these heroes to disk #2 for my Arena attack. Will disk #1 stay equipped to this hero on my defensive line, or will my defensive line automatically update and have disk #2 equipped to this hero due to me wanting to use disk #2 for my Arena attack? If the disk automatically updates on my defensive line, will this trigger the defensive change cooldown?


The entire reason it was changed in the first place is because the previous state didn’t work properly. The cooldown triggered just by opening your defence and pressing save, even if nothing was changed.

Going back to that is hardly an effective solution when all manner of more sensible fixes have been suggested.

It’s a poor solution indeed, but it would be an improvement over the current situation, IMHO. Hopefully PerBlue can look into the code and come up with a bugfix that causes the lockout to trigger only when something is actually changed, but I’ll take what I can get.

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I don’t like the idea of this because say you unlocked a friendship disk for a hero you NEVER had a disk for, so say I unlock Aurora’s Fairy Godmother disk and I didn’t already have a disk equipped, wouldn’t that be unfair to trigger the cooldown, or say you equip it on accident…

No its not totally rubbish idea that takes the fun out of trying to kill a line in 4 seconds. Which if you do you get good points.

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