Arena Team Help?

Seem to have powered up decently, but struggling to put a team together for Arena/Coliseum. Any suggestions on putting together a team (or 3…)

Level 72. P2 on the following:

Vanelope (5*)
Ralph (4*)
Mike, Woody, Mr Incredible, Frozone, Zurg, Eve, Stitch, Nick, Donald, Anger, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Yax, Calhoun, Minnie (3*)

Any good combos between these?

I would use Minnie.
Frozone is good for freezing enemies.
Stitch is a really good character.
Yax is a good healer.
Since Ralph is the highest, i’d use him.

Thankyou. Looking to power up Mike/Sully combo eventually, but will give your suggestions a go.

No he’s not, literally any other hero with a freeze is better.

Absolutely not. Joy, Miguel, Rapunzel, Mickey, I could go on, they’re all infinitely better. He’s completely useless.

The only good heroes there are Stitch (solely for Invasion, with his Maui disk), Donald, Anger, and Minnie. You should work on getting better heroes, power creep is a big problem in the game and you almost exclusively have old heroes built.


I am happy to help you, but if so I think I need to know all the characters you have as it might be good to make the team up from scratch in the sense of looking at all the characters you have rather than the ones you have necessarily leveled :-).

One thing though, we are getting character refreshes now in June, so some the older characters they have could become good or at least good enough to be useful.
While of course it is best to use the newest characters if possible, some of their characters could at least become more usable while they are transitioning to newer and better characters :-).

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i am sorry I am not good at heroes. :cold_sweat:

In general, unless it is Nick, Sulley and maybe Bogo, it is overall best to stay away from the oldest characters. So yeah, just remember that the newest of the new characters are always best :-).

Depends on what you consider “old hero”.
Also, all Incredibles but Jack Jack have potential Imo

Well, some older heroes have decent Red skills, but many of them need a refreshed to actually be good in the current meta and I imagine that goes for Jack Jack too.

I am in server 5 so I am not sure if it is different for the server you are in Phaldow.

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I’m on S1. Should be similar enough to S5

I considered mentioning Nick as well, but the OP is TL 72, and Nick isn’t useful unless you have either his Red skill or a ton of Purple skill levels on him. It’s going to be a loooong time before he gets to red, and it’s unlikely that he’d be able to get enough resources for the mods.

And outside of Invasion, none of the Incredibles are at all useful without red skills.

Ah I see. Yeah should be about the same kind of meta then for you and me Phaldow.

I don’t look at the meta to build teams.
Most of the time, the meta heroes aren’t better than others who are overlooked Imo

Nick is still useful for City Watch though even at level 72, thanks to Nick’s 5 lemmings.
It is true that Nick probably isn’t that good choice for Arena and Coliseum, but in terms of City Watch and technically the Invasion modes he should be good or at least decent :-).

Mr.Incredible have gotten refreshed so he isn’t that bad now, but likely not able to good enough compared to newer characters.

I per say don’t look at meta teams in that sense, but I do try to make sure that the team has some kind of synergy and work better because of it.

The thing about old vs new characters aren’t just about power per say, but also survivability as in their chance to survive a battle. Even if not always in terms of power, the new characters usually have a lot better survivability than the older characters which is something that makes newer character favored overall.

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That’s what I think like most of the time.
Synergy is always important.

Just… some heroes never were outclassed. Like Elastigirl (Ja) or Hiro (Da)

I would say the tiers of Teams are: Meta synergy team, Meta Team, Synergizing Counter Meta Team, Synergy Team, Strong Team, Random-ish Team.

I am personally in the Synergy Team tier as it is hard to upgrade new characters from scratch to level 175 and such, but I am trying to get more and more of a Synergizing Counter Meta Team if possible.
Trying to be a Synergizing Counter Meta Team as much as possible, as in focusing on counter characters that last longer in relevance than necessarily power/damage characters :-).
(For people under level 100 though they should probably try to keep up with the new power/damage characters as much as possible).

Yeah, but we will see on who gets refreshed this month as we know we should be getting some refreshes.

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Problem with lower level players is they can’t work friend disks with newer toons. They also may not have the ability to get chips.
With that list Donald, anger, mr inc, stitch and mini.
Stitch with Maui disc At five stars is very effective.
Mr inc with elastigirl disc.
Anger (discs come later and both have advantages).
Mini (discs come later, mouse disc maybe better)
Donald (disc comes later, Scrooge)
Mr inc, Donald and anger are good against freeze teams, stitch can do damage and slows (especially with the Maui disc)
Minnies charm skills are great against teams with healers.
And yes yax along with the rest of those toons are no bueno. Miguel is probably the best healer, but other healers like joy, Rapunzel, tron, linguini… may be better overall.

Yeah, I definitely agree on that it hard to get many of the newer friendships disk, as well as story content wise as well. I have long wished for newer friendship to have unlock level decreased, I would say level 120-130 and down friendship unlocks can be lowered to under 100 so that it is a bit more accessible for newer players. I would be really happy if friendships unlocks at level 150 and down got decrease as the Donald Duck and Co’s Friendship levels should be under level 150 I think.

Enough about that though, but yeah you are right in that getting the friendships for meta characters aren’t something lower leveled players can easily do, but I wonder would any of the older character with friendship disks be better than the new characters overall? The exceptions might be such as Nick, Sulley and Bogo to a degree of course, but other than that not sure.

As for character chips, if they are character chips from the store they shouldn’t be too hard to get, so new players should probably prioritize the ones in the store. Or at least be in a good enough guild to that they can get progress rewards, so like getting Mushu which we can do this weekend.
Also, can’t forget sign-in and Guild Crate either as a way to get character chips.

Lot of good points there on the disks and synergies.
Not sure what more to add to it it is overall a good list.

Mr.Incredible, Donald, Anger, Stitch and Minnie should be good enough to help Warrior_Pete_XV while they are trying to transition to newer characters :-).

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