Ariel (the Little Mermaid Hero Concept)


Joined by her friends Flounder and Sebastian, Ariel splashes into the battlefield to take on those that plague the City.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I just don’t see how a world that makes wonderful things could be bad.”

Entrance: A wave of water crashes against a rock. Ariel emerges from the water, sitting on the rock.
Victory: Ariel sings a melody.
KO: Ariel jumps back into the water.

Basic Attack: Ariel swings King Triton’s trident at enemies.

White Skill - Trident Beam - Fantastic Damage
Ariel launches a beam of energy at the strongest enemy using the trident, dealing X damage to them and all enemies in her line of fire.

Green Skill - Under the Sea
Sebastian performs in a jamboree, granting allies X HP and increasing their attack speed by 45% for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill - Flounder Strike
Flounder arrives to slap the enemy with the most HP using his tail, stealing X HP with each hit for 4 seconds. The stolen HP is given to the ally with the least HP.

Purple Skill - Part of Your World
Each time Ariel uses her “Under the Sea” skill, the strongest ally’s attack speed is increased by an additional 20%.

Red Skill - All So Sudden
Ariel’s Basic Skill power is 1.5x more powerful, and will now steal X energy from an enemy with each hit. Her reality and armor are both increased to X.

Ariel + Moana
Campaign: Motion in the Ocean - Ariel and Moana are on patrol together. While Ariel is amazed by Moana’s ability to control the ocean, Sebastian and Flounder think this stranger could be another sea witch.
Disk: Shell Charm
Disk Memory: Ariel’s energy beam from her “Trident Beam” skill also grants the weakest ally X additional energy.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z Green Skill power

Ariel + Stitch
Campaign: Creature of the Deep - Ariel finds Stitch has recklessly torn down her collection of items. As she encourages him to help reorganize, Stitch teaches her how to use each of the things she has.
Disk: Cleanup Crew
Disk Memory: Ariel’s “Flounder Strike” skill grants her X additional energy with each hit, giving her a quick energy boost.
Disk Power: Z additional attack speed

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