Arthur & Archimedes (the Sword in the Stone Hero(es) Concept)

Arthur & Archimedes


Arthur is accompanied by talking pygmy owl Archimedes, who teaches Arthur about the world while confronting foes with their educational equipment.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Backline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Oh, they’ll fly alright, just like a rock!”

Entrance: Arthur walks into the battlefield, pulling the chalkboard behind him before Archimedes perches atop his head.
Victory: Arthur smiles as Archimedes hysterically laughs at the fallen enemies.
KO: Arthur watches as Archimedes grumpily retreats into his birdhouse.

Basic Attack: Arthur writes up to 26 letters on the chalkboard at a time, each letter giving X HP to allies. Each time Arthur writes a new letter, the HP count increases.

Until Green Skill is unlocked, Arthur cannot write on the board after all 26 letters are written.

White Skill - To and Fro - Normal Damage
Arthur and Archimedes regenerate all allies’ HP completely and study the two weakest enemies for 3 seconds by spinning a globe.

Green Skill - Learning Moment
Arthur and Archimedes flip the chalkboard and continue writing letters, thus resuming the HP count increase.

Blue Skill - Steam Locomotive
Arthur sends Merlin’s steam engine model rolling towards enemies. The steam blinds them and slows their attack speed by 15% for 6 seconds, while the engine itself steals X HP from each enemy it hits.

Purple Skill - Getting Wind
Arthur and Archimedes’ attack speed is increased by 40%. Each second letter they write will either stun, silence, or blind an enemy for 5 seconds.

Red Skill - What What
Arthur and Archimedes benefit from enemies’ healing skills intended for their own team. This includes each letter that enemy Arthurs & Archimedes’ write.

Arthur & Archimedes + Merlin
Campaign: School’s In - Seeing how Merlin and Archimedes are so helpful in Arthur’s educational journey, he encourages them to teach at the City University. Skeptical, the wizard and owl are willing to give it a shot.
Disk: Books of Foretelling
Disk Memory: Arthur and Archimedes take 50% less damage from enemies studied by their “To and Fro” skill.
Disk Power: Z reality, Z armor

Arthur & Archimedes + Rafiki
Campaign: Mandrill’s Degree - Rafiki enlightens Arthur and Archimedes on the subject of spiritual transcendence, going beyond the physical world. Archimedes believes the monkey is saying hodgepodge, but Arthur is interested.
Disk: Meditation Award
Disk Memory: Arthur and Archimedes gain 1.5x additional HP from each letter they write.
Disk Power: Z attack speed gain

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