"Assisting the Elderly" Russel/Nick Friendship Campaign

Consider this my submission for @Rinoxer0nte’s friendship contest!! I’ll do more in the future if this goes well!! Though Russell is finally in the game, I want to return to my original concept of Russell and delve into a friendship that I think would have been interesting than what we finally got. If Perblue does decide to add a third friendship to every character (which is very unlikely) this would be my choice for Russell.

Russell & Kevin/Nick Wilde
Campaign: "Assisting the Elderly"

  • Russell & Kevin and Nick are now friends!

Nick: May I ask why you’re wondering the city with that colorful ostrich?

Russel: Oh, you mean Kevin? Don’t worry she’s not bothering anyone! And she’s not an ostrich, she’s a snipe.

Nick: Wait, you gave a female bird a male’s name? Nevermind… I’ve never heard of that species before… but it’s so colorful… She must be a joy to be around…

Russell: She sure is! This new city may be new for her, but whatever ground we walk on, the wilderness must be explored!!

Nick: Heh. Well, if you ever need my help, I’m Officer Wilde!

Russell: Nice to meet you! I’m Russell!

  • Friendship Campaign: “Assisting the Elderly” started!

Judy: Nick! I just talked with a kid at the main hall with a scout uniform who lost a badge that’s very important to him.

Nick: Oh… What kind of badge?

Judy: I believe he told me the badge he was missing was his assisting the elderly badge… Listen, I got Parking duties today and I’m counting on you to help him out.

Nick: Alright… I guess…

Judy: You ok?

Nick: Yeah, I’m good… he’s a ranger scout right?

Judy: Yes, he’s waiting in the main hall.

  • Episode 1: Self-Reflection

1-1: After hearing the briefing, Nick walks out of the office.
1-2: As he walks through the hallway, Nick is in deep thought about the whole situation.
1-3: Before he enters the main door entrance, he takes a deep breath…
1-4: As Nick Wilde opens the door, he sees Russell and Kevin in the main hall.
1-5: Nick can’t help but feel awkward around him…

Russell: Oh thank you so much for helping me sir, you don’t know how much this means to me right now…

Nick: --------

Russell: I know the Iast place I had the badge, but me and Kevin can’t seem to find it…

Nick: ---------

Russell: Are you ok?

Nick: Yeah, I’m all good… so where did you think you last had it?

Russell: The last place I know I had it was in the park. I was there the whole time. We should head there now before someone steals it…

  • Episode 2: Trek to the Park

2-1: Nick and Russell exit the police station on their way to the park.
2-2: Nick is in awe of Kevin’s size…
2-3: Russell offers Nick a ride on Kevin, but he says he’s fine.
2-4: Nick says he’s much faster in motion.
2-5: Nick and Russell are about to enter the park.

Nick: So, why is this badge so important to you?

Russell: It was given to me by my friend, Mr. Fredrickson.

Nick: Oh yeah… I’m familiar with him…

Russell: He gave it to me on my inauguration day of me becoming a senior wilderness explorer. It’s a grape soda pin. To me, it represents a sense of bravery, loyalty, helpfulness, and–

Nick: Trustworthiness?

Russell: Hey! How did you guess what I was going to say?

Nick: Uhhh… luck perhaps…

  • Episode 3: Arriving at the Park

3-1: Nick and Russell enter the park with a metal detector.
3-2: Russell tells Kevin to have fun while they look for the badge.
3-3: The size of the park makes for a rather great majority of spots for the badge to be.
3-4: Nick asks Russell to retrace his steps to where he was in the park.
3-5: He says to ask as many people in the park as possible.

Nick: Try your best to retrace your steps the best as you can… It’ll be much easier that way…

Russell: Alright, I’ll try…

  • Episode 4: Playground Scavenge

4-1: Russell leads Nick to the playground.
4-2: Nick uses the metal detector in the sand.
4-3: The metal detector senses something in the sand…
4-4: Nick digs in the sand searching for the pin…
4-5: Instead of a grape soda pin, Nick finds a pin with the numbers 914 on it…

Russell: Ugh… I was almost certain we were gonna find it… Oh well, now we know it’s not there…

Nick: (Nick stares at the pin, almost like he’s in a trance)

Russell: Officer Wilde? Is something the matter?

Nick: (To himself) My tribe number…

Russell: Maybe we should look around a little bit more…

  • Episode 5: At a Loss

5-1: Russell asks many around the park if they’ve seen a grape soda pin anywhere…
5-2: The citizens all say they haven’t seen it anywhere.
5-3: Russell not willing to give up yet, asks help in Nick, after all, he is a fox with a sharp nose…
5-4: Nick seems to be rather quiet and shaken up… he seems rather unresponsive at the moment
5-5: Russell wants to find out why he’s acting like this…

Russell: Officer, you’ve been acting weird ever since we found that pin with the number. If you want to tell me what’s going on, you can…

Nick: It’s nothing kid. I was just… feeling a sense of deja vu. Like my past has come back to haunt me…

Russell: Did something happen that I should know about?

Nick: (Sighs) Let me tell you a story kid…

  • Episode 6: Past Regressions

6-1: Nick explains to Russell that he was just like him back in the day.
6-2: He tells Russell how he wanted to be an aspiring ranger scout back in his youth.
6-3: On the day of his initiation, he was jumped on by his fellow members for being a predator…
6-4: The event scarred him for life from that day forward on.
6-5: Nick sheds a tear as Russell looks at him with sorrow.

Nick: (Lets out a soft chuckle while tearing up) I don’t think I ever showed my emotions to anyone other than my parents or my partner Carrots…

Russell: No, it’s ok, I totally get it… sometimes, you just need to let out your feelings…

Nick: I need you to promise me something for me. Don’t let anyone get to your head. You’re a special kid with a great gift. As my city’s saying goes: Anyone can be Anything. From a fellow scout member to another, always remember to be who you want to be.

Russell: That sounds like something my dad would say… Thanks officer…

Nick: You know, talking with you made me feel so much better! Let’s go find your badge!

  • Episode 7: Light as a Feather

7-1: Nick and Russell use the metal detector on various parts of the park.
7-2: The duo seem to get closer to finding the badge but can’t seem to find it.
7-3: Just as they are about to give up, the metal detector goes crazy around Kevin’s feathers.
7-4: Russell searches through Kevin’s beautiful feathers.
7-5: Russell finds the badge in between his feathers!

Nick: Now that’s what I call a hiding spot!

Russell: She must have rolled onto it while she was playing! Nice going Kevin!

Nick: Well, it’s almost nighttime and I’m exhausted. I should bring you back home…

Russell: You want a ride on Kevin?

Nick: I think I did enough walking for today… why not!

  • Episode 8: Energetic Ride

8-1: Nick jumps on Kevin’s back while Kevin cries in the night.
8-2: As they enter the streets, Kevin jumps on a street post and flings Russell and Nick up in the air. Russell is over ecstatic while Nick is scared for his life but overly hyped…
8-3: Kevin runs atop the rooftops and Nick, having the time of his life lets out a long “woo-hoo!!” in the night sky.
8-4: Russell points to his house down in the streets and Nick tells Kevin to go down to the house.
8-5: Kevin flips down from the girders and lands on the ground next to Russell’s house.

Nick: I’ve never had this much fun before in my life… we should do this again!!

Russell: Well, you know where I am now… say if you want to be a ranger scout, I heard there was an opening for a role as a counselor in my tribe.

Nick: You mean it? Well, if my schedule doesn’t interfere with my civil duties, I think I could make an exception!

Russell: That sounds great! Thank you so much for helping me find my badge!

Nick: No. Thank you for helping me find a part of myself again… I’ll never forget this moment ever again…


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Great campaign!

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Where is the submissions thread located?

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I cant belive how perblue didnt made russel befriending nick wilde it would work prefectly

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I agree that it´d have been a good idea but HDL is just

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