August 2022 Tier List! Y17 Max Level 320 | Bendy

Hey guys! Here’s our August tier list! Thank you to everybody that helped vote on where heroes belong! Click on the image to zoom in and see everything more clearly.

This month we tried something new in creating this tier list without a stream. I’m not sure if this was due to the way the votes were done this time around, but we had very few changes this time around.

As for the new heroes, you guys predicted that the long awaited Agent P would go straight to the top, he seems to have a similar playstyle to Darkwing Duck while also countering DWD himself with his red skill removing reflects. Is Agent P going to finally be the effective reflect counter we need in this game? Mother Gothel finds herself starting out in Really Good while Audrey Ramirez starts out in the Balanced tier!

Clearly many of you guys disagreed with our move placing Philoctetes all the way down in Decent, because you guys immediately voted him back into the Really Good Tier. You guys also didn’t like the move we made to put Ian in the UNFAIR tier, so now we are back to simply Zeus and Shego for the UNFAIR tier, with Pacha, Ian, Dr. Drakken, Angel, and Darkwing Duck all missing the cut on reaching the UNFAIR tier. At this rate I don’t think anyone can join Zeus and Shego at the top of the mountain.

Other than Duff Killigan moving down a tier, that’s about all the changes we had this month, so I hope these are welcomed changes! I love doing these every month for you guys!

If you have suggestions for changes that you want to see to the next tier list, we have a survey that you can fill out so that your voice is more likely to be heard on the next stream even if you can’t be there in person! You may fill it out here:

Channel Link:

Printer friendly version if you’re into that sort of thing: August 2022 Tier List Y17/Max Lvl 320 PRINTER FRIENDLY - Album on Imgur


Thanks for the work you (and others) are putting in.

Ok so I think this tier list is pretty accurate, except for some heroes I find off.

  1. Eve, I found Eve to be Really good actually.

  2. Gadget, I think Gadget should be in BotB

  3. Mother Gothel, I think Mother Gothel should be in BotB as well,

  4. Agent P, I find Agent P to be more in Balance.

  5. Magica De Spell, I think Magica should be in really good.

  6. Minnie, I think Minnie should be in really good.

The prediction was correct, he is top tier.

What a mess.

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What a mess? I think she is a really good hero actually

That’s true

I think Nick Wilde should be in really good, with the red highlight because his red skill really makes him shine.

i think Daisy should be in BotB

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