B.E.N. (Treasure Planet Hero Concept)


The Bio-Electronic-Navigator, or simply B.E.N. joins the battle with an acute memory span, but also insane technological advances.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I’m sorry, my memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ve lost my mind! Ha ha! I’ve lost my mind! You haven’t found it, have you?”

Entrance: B.E.N. crashes into the battlefield from zero gravity.
Victory: B.E.N. leaps excitedly.
KO: B.E.N. gasps in horror, falls to his knees, and rolls away.

Basic Attack: B.E.N. hits enemies over the head.

White Skill - Memory Restored - Normal Damage
B.E.N. regains his memory, turning his eyes blue, and studies the two strongest enemies, increasing his allies’ attack speeds by 45% for 8 seconds.

Green Skill - Gravity Change
B.E.N. tampers with the ship’s gravity wires, causing both allies and enemies to float in midair. Three random allies and three random enemies will all be stunned for 7 seconds.

However, this skill allows allies to easily dodge enemy attacks more.

Blue Skill - Lead the Way
B.E.N. opens a gateway to another galaxy with the map, dealing X damage to and removing X energy from enemies with pieces of gold being blown out of the gateway.

Purple Skill - Time Bomb
If at least one enemy has not reached 0HP by the time the battle timer reaches 45 seconds, B.E.N. will steal X HP from the weakest enemy and grant his allies X additional Skill Power each time that enemy takes damage.

This skill can only be performed once per wave.

Red Skill - Leave No Buddy Behind
Allies gain X HP each time B.E.N. performs his “Memory Restored” skill.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Gravity Change

B.E.N. + Jim Hawkins
Campaign: Stay Out of Trouble - Jim Hawkins enlightens B.E.N. on how things work in the City, including “having trouble stay out and staying out of trouble.” Despite his clumsy mishaps, B.E.N. works hard to abide by these rules.
Disk: Break the Rules
Disk Memory: B.E.N.’s “Gravity Change” skill steals X HP from the strongest enemy.
Disk Power: Z White Skill power
Allies: Belle, Linguini & Remy, Angel

B.E.N. + Hiro Hamada
Campaign: Files Folder - B.E.N. still has trouble with his memory after his journey to and from Treasure Planet. With help from Hiro Hamada’s robotics skills, he has his memory restored almost completely, tracing back memories of his life before joining Captain Flint’s crew.
Disk: Like It Was Yesterday
Disk Memory: B.E.N. “Lead the Way” skill deals X additional damage to enemies.
Disk Power: Z armor
Allies: Calhoun, Tigger, Maui

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