Back to the same old money grabbing tricks

So I have seen you raised the price of the deals!
And what justifies this?
Don’t you think you make enough money!!
Step too far for me,
looks like I’ll be quitting again soon

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There are already a few threads on this very topic so I won’t comment here. However you did say something which does deserve a response.

You can’t quit something again. That just infers that you didn’t actually quit the previous time (or times). If you’re going to quit, that is very sad, but you should quit. Have the courage of your convictions. If you genuinely feel so strongly about this matter then quit, for good. “Quitting” for a while and then coming back is a holiday.

Alright got a question for you? if someone quits smoking for 20 years and starts again does that mean they were on a 20 year break from smoking or did they quit for 20 years?
The only reason I stopped playing was because the game become a chore and the terrible deals perblue were trying to throw my way, just makes this game feel like a waste of time and money


There is already a discussion thread about the price change internationally - please comment there. We did not change the prices for anything in the game.

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