International Deal Prices?

All purchase prices in the UK just went up by around 10-12%.

I know there can be fluctuations in exchange rate, but it’s never changed before and that’s a huge increase. What gives? Is it something PB has changed, or the app provider (ie. Google) ? :thinking:

TLDR for newcomers to the thread:

This is controlled by Google / Apple / your app provider of choice, not by PerBlue and other than a blanket reduction on prices, which probably isn’t feasible, there’s not much they can do. Their prices are set in US dollars, so they won’t receive more money due to this - and are probably also unhappy since deals may be purchased less! Complaints about deal value that are unrelated to this price change should be posted elsewhere! :slight_smile:


No idea but that’s it I’m done. Taking us for mugs


There is too much increase in the price , request you to control it almost more than 30% increase I seen . ( Calculated in INR )


Its crap tbh

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This isn’t something we’ve done. We set the purchase prices in US $ and the app stores handle all the currency conversion, taxes, and fees.


Its always someone else Polaris. I mean no offence but I dont believe it. I played previous perblue games this never happened Unless they were rinsing it and selling it on. So I think its pretty bad that you insist this is not perblue.


Polaris is telling the truth. Check prices in other international games and you will here the same story. Price of US dollar is up. @Harry_Kane

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@Polaris will you get in touch with Google then? I’m quite offended seeing a sudden increase of all prices of over 10%. Buying a deal now feels like a bad deal knowing the prices used to be lower. Either Google fixes the exchange rate or perblue should lower the USD price top compensate.


So how come the prices haven’t changed in the whole nearly 2 years I’ve been playing this game, you said and I quote “we set the purchase prices” so you just upped the price by a 50cent or something and now Google and apple have converted and have slapped on their marketing price and BOOM we now have higher prices!

Perblue must be losing money, have you seen the rubbish deals they have been putting out lately! I wouldn’t be surprised if you were starting to lose money! Greed loses loyal customers!!


So give us better deals, if the price is raised in quietly…i will definitly never buy a 300 stamina pack for 10,99 ,there have to be a minimum of 600 in it to even think about…


If the problem exists only in UK, then maybe what @Polaris said was right that the app stores caused the price increase. The price did not change here in the Philippines though. Are there other countries who experienced a deal price increase?

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Yes, as far as I know Brazil and Romania also increased, presumably other countries too. That is right that the app stores control it, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that before, but it still feels unfair :frowning:

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It exists in different contries, but in different numbers. There us a topic about Brazil prices, I saw Russian price growth. The problem is real and requires a solution :sweat_smile:

Okay, so this means whether it’s PerBlue’s fault or not, they should do something about it. And I’m not worthy to join in this convo since I’ve never spent a single peso as of now. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, goodluck to y’all!

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Well I’ve spent only a very little bit, but still i don’t like to see this xD

Besides, it’s not even right… so we’re getting really bad value now.

Our $20 purchase price was £16.99, and now it’s £18.99. But the actual conversion is…


:thinking: :fearful:

@Polaris do you know if there’s any avenue of complaint or query for this on the Play/App Store?


Agree they should tell us how to complain

In italy we always had 2 Completely different prices between android and ios: android had the good prices (4,89/9,99/19,99/48,99/99,99) while ios had the bad prices 10% higher (5,49/10,99/21,99/54,99/109,99) now since the update android has same price as ios so went up around 10-12% on each purchase…

The real question is:

If 1€=1,10$ then the 99,99$ package should cost 90,61€ But he has always been 99,99€ on android and 109,99€ on ios… now is 109,99 on both, that means 19,40€ more than the real change €/$ … is that fair?

NO. Is not fair, cause 109,99€ is 121,36$…


Well, 100$ Package costs 7699 rubles, yet 100$ is 6500 rubles :sweat_smile:


It’s just easy to delete this game. Get less than before, pay more. And for all people who don’t wanna leave they increase the recources n u need. So think it’s more than 50 % more expensive to max out a hero. For non payer there is no way to stay in this game. For 50 Euro a month it’s hard to stay in top arena and colusseum.
Really sad what happened to this game.


Hello everyone.
Yep I detected the same issue in México. BUT this is the ONLY game that seems to have this issue. Others games that i play (World of Mayhem, Dinner Dash Adventures, Goosebumps Horrortown, Mario Kart Tour, Disney Magic Kingdom) AND others that I previously played before (plants vs zombies 2, Gordon Ramsay Dash, Cooking Dash, Disney Crossy Road) HAVEN’T increased in comparison the price. This Is the ONLY game that have done this.

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