Badge Crate Manipulation

There has been some talk on using badge crates to upgrade heroes, and confusion in general. So I decided to post how I believe they work, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

Here it says that any equipable badge is given, furthermore it says that if not enough badges are equipable they made it so it goes to the next rank
Now to break this down it says that badges given have to be equipable by any hero this means that unless you have a blue 0 hero you have to fill all slots for that said hero or else it will have a chance to give you a badge for that low rank when we want a yellow badge. Example.
Here I have Flick at P1 and all badges in there. In theory no badges should be given for that low rank.
Hope this was helpful.

You are wrong there. Your assumption doesn’t work, you can get badges for Flik’s P2 rank.

The best solution is to equip 5 badges and craft but not equip 6th (ideally blue one or one not used later in crafting).

Important part:

If not enough badges are equipable for your heroes, you can get badges your heroes can equip when they level up (means next rank) or badge tokens.

So you mean the only way to prevent badges is to grind for a heroes current rank and his later rank?
And does this mean that badge crates will give badges heroes equipped even if i have available badges for higher ranks on heroes?
Lets say I have all heroes badges equipped apart from one that has badges available in the badges screen, does this mean that any other heroes will have the chance of being picked?


Equip 5 out of 6 badges on a hero.
Craft the 6th if necessary but don’t equip. That way the trigger to spawn this 6th badge is blocked (if the badge is purple, orange, yellow or red) or blocked by default (if it is white to blue).

Furthermore the spawn of next rank badges is blocked, because it tries to spawn the 6th badge of the rank that is missing. But since you craft it, it can’t be spawned and that chance no longer exists.

Yes, theoretically you can craft all the next rank badges. You know how difficult and useless that’d be though. And impractical as well since the later rank badges do use some of those you will craft anyway. Thus again making the badge crates spawn those.

I was planning to do the second method but this one is better.
Anyways thanks!

You’re welcome. There was a lot of brainstorming in how the Badge Crates work. I initally thought the same as you did. Had to gain experience to find out it’s not true.

Here is the short tutorial for badge crates. Feel free to put it on your guild wall, it is made to fit within a single chat message.

Badge Crates Mechanics:

  • Craft ALL badges you DO NOT wish to drop on all heroes WITHOUT promoting them
  • Leave only hard badges non-crafted (open slots)
  • Keep your open slots AT 10 or above! If you have too few open slots the crate might drop random/duplicate badge
  • Equipable slots do not count. Duplicate slots count once. Slots requiring MaxLevel-5 and above do not count (e.g. 260-265 slots during 265 cap do not count)

Here is how ALL your heroes should look like (all slots equipped):

Here is how the heroes you are working on upgrading should look like (only hard slots open, craft the rest)


BEWARE, the open slots on the below picture don’t count (these badges require MaxLevel-5 and above!):

These slots will start counting when the cap raise comes (Nov 15th) and will only count for badge crates you claim AFTER the update.

This first picture is wrong. You need to craft all 6, but equip only 5 to evade the chance for “next rank badges” to be spawned with badge crates.

Besides, in S1 only certain Y13+ Yellow Badges should not be crafted… (level needed to equip 300+).

In S21-25 certain Y5+ badges should not be crafted.

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This tip seems wrong. There is no way to avoid the “next rank badges”. The only thing that matters if how many open slots you have.

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No, your tip is wrong. The badge crate seeks an “open slot”. If there is no open slot, then it goes for next rank badges.

Crafting a badge in the open slot prevents it from spawning so it seeks next open slots, not next rank badges.

How even dare you though? I have literally been studying the badge crates and their functionality for over a year and “my tip seems wrong”. How? I do say the truth of how they work, that you don’t believe it… well, of course you don’t have to, but I am not wrong because of that.

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Question: keep all but 1 equipped, but have that final badge crafted and equippable. Do I need to have one crafted for each hero that needs it?

For example, say I have 3 heroes that use badge X and don’t have it equipped, but I have a single crafted badge X. Does it just check that I have one in my inventory? Or does it check that I have enough to fill the slots of the heroes that need it?

Basically, does only having 1 badge X take it out of the drop pool?

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Sadly, yes. Ideally if you have all heroes at R0+, just don´t equip the last badge and craft as many as you can (since the last badges 99% aren´t used in later crafting… I mean the rightmost badge (if viewing all heroes) or bottomrightmost badge (when viewing a hero)).


Ok so let me get it straight then.

Do you believe that by doing this you will be able to avoid the 10 open slots rule? If yes, how low are you able to go? Usually every open slot below 10 adds extra failure chance, my testing shows this:

9 = 10% random, 5% duplicate
8 = 25% random, 5% duplicate
7 = 50% random
6> = 75% random

So how would these numbers look like with your strategy? Would I be able to get a badge with only 1 open slot that guarantees it will drop?

The failure chance is still there, but instead of a useless purple badge you get 4k badge tokens. And it is fairly easy to regulate if you notice those.

(Especially since past Y12 you kinda want to get 2, later 3 and by Y20 4 badges from badge crates. However, since they are capable of giving you badges up to cap-1 rank at the time you got them… you can save them for double drops…)

I just want you to explain this bit in more detail please and how it helps avoid next rank badges.

It helps avoid useless purple badges. Meaning if you have like 15 heroes raised up, you don´t have to worry about the trash badges being spawned.

I need more detail on how you think it works. Be more specific.

Lets say there are 100 heroes in the game. How should my badges look on these heroes to use badge crates optimally as per your scheme? From what you’ve shared so far I should craft & equip 5 badges on all 100 heroes and craft but not equip the last badge on all 100 heroes. Or at least you haven’t shared on which heroes this should be done.

You want this to be done on heroes you don´t want to raise just yet.


Alternatively all those that are below… well Y12 for S1/14, Y0 for the rest.

Ok I see. The strategy you use is very vague so you aren’t getting the most out of crates. It works for you but it may fail for others. If I have only 1 Y0 hero it would fail so its not accurate to use this as guideline.

The rules that I’ve posted in the beginning are correct. You need to craft all badges you don’t want to get, we agree on that part. Where you are wrong is that it doesn’t matter if you equip them or not. So you can stop worrying about it. I like them better when equipped. Can’t help my OCD. Something you may not know, but there is a minimum slots you need to maintain so the game doesn’t consider future upgrades. You need to keep at least 10+ badges non-crafted. This is the only requirement, if we fail this the game will consider future upgrades, which is what we all try to avoid. You can use that knowledge to further narrow down the possible badges that can drop for maximum value.

seems to me that both methods are perfectly valid :man_shrugging:

the ‘equip all’ method works totally fine down to about 10 open slots, if you want to go below that then you’ll have to use the ‘equip most’ method.

Above 10 slots, there’s effectively no difference

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