Balance in the City watch

In the city watch, opponents with a level of 60 often met, but with heroes of the 70+ level there are even 90, this mode should be difficult, but not so much that all the characters are simply not up-to-date with the skills of our heroes who depend on the level of the enemy, server 5, level limit 60, please make a real city watch, this is not a balance, thank you very much in advance.


Well-known problem among high level players. They didn’t find a good solution yet apparently to the scaling, so they just artificially bump up the levels and only the levels. Meaning the skills the enemies have are still only max level 60.
Yeah its definitely ***** that in area 5 no to no crowd control skills work against the enemies. But I just use burst damage (Nick + Zurg) in area 5 because stunning them is impossible.


I’m level 80 and yesterday the last wave in CW was level 178 :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did it after some tries

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My highest I encountered was 147, but I’m still level 79 so maybe that’s why :joy:

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Yeah, is also pretty unfair when your server (4 in my case) max. level is 60 and you’ve to deal with characters up to level 65 or more, like… what the heck . -. xD

Known issue. The strategy is you cant go with CC because it just wont hit, you need to go with high damage like zurg, nick or in some cases jessie seems to do well.

Nick and wurg + sulley as tank and one heal (woodie or yax) seems to be the best option :slight_smile:


Citywatch do gets harder. and the enemies are random player’s arena team from all servers. so u might end up facing your server rank 1 player as last boss.


I’m lucky to beat the third stage.

this should never happen. citywatch is beatable.

a thought that might help new players.

a. everytime u do cw, start with your weakest 5 heroes. going up to your strongest.
b. buy mercenary that is far stronger than the same hero u have.
c. mix and match. seemingly weaker hero might sometimes be the best fit for your combination to face the enemy combination.

d. the mechanic of cw allows you to retreat or redo even if you won that fight. the best strategy is to do all fight with this objective : to have all your heroes alive AND their energy full or almost full at the end of the fight.
so whenever your heroes die (even if its just one hero), REDO the fight.
this way, by the time you get to the last fight (always very hard), you have all your heroes alive and with energy somewhat full.
and you can attack the last boss fight not just once like the others but many times until youre out of heroes.

good luck


this strat is not very good you want to use the first few fights to build ult charge. I get ult charge on my “B” team which consists of Jessie and zurg mainly. use your “A” team to pass the stages and when you get to a stage where you just cant beat it or you can only beat it with low ult charge switch in one of those high burst characters and wipe them out.

The rest you posted is fair advice. some alliances dont like you using mercenaries for CW and would rather you save for surge.

in short if you lose a member( in your A team)before the 5th stage you prob wont beat CW.

characters that are good are ones with aoe damage.

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thanks for clarifying bro. thats what i meant by

it is to build ult charge. and i found on my server 7, that more heroes get their ulti maxed is safer for you at 5th area, even your weaker ones. but yes to max them all (22 heroes maybe) will be impossible so u want to preoare at least ones with good ulti on weaker heroes.

thanks this is an important addition.
zurg is an example. if you can protect him, he can carry you on many cw levels easily.


Its so easy you just need to learn how… prepare 2-3 teams and you got more guys with energy and ready to fight

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my team lvl 47 meet hard enemy in map 2 with TL55 all purple
how can i win it without loosing hero???

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Upgrade other hero’s, you can’t just rely on 5 hero’s.

You need many heroes. what characters are in your “A” Team. do you have zurg + jessie and I find that wall e is crucial in some situations.

As some other players have alluded the best approach to city watch is to have your extremely strong wave clear heroes going through the whole thing. I find it pretty much a necessity to us nick and zurg, as nick’s ult stacks to 5 and once it does it stays at max stacks for the entirety of the city watch, and zurg is just an insanely strong wave clear in general.

Basically let nick and zurg get their ults set up in level 1 maybe 2 depending on the situation. Once you have this use both nick and zurg ults every level to effectively instantly complete the level. Make sure that you time the use of their ults so that when the level is complete they have a full ult ready for the next level. IF you cleared the wave but got the timing wrong and don’t have both ults charges for the next level then retreat and try again until you have the ults ready for next level, this is -crucial-

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I got nothing on this.

My characters are at LV78, I am now fighting against LV121 enemies in City Watch. This, combine with the rediculous contests on diamond spending, I am very tempted to quitting this game.


Here is what they have to say about the issue…


Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Let me share this information that if your team power is so high that matchmaking can’t find someone tough enough for you, it will pick an opponent and increase the level of their heroes. The power-up for those teams is using the same scale that the matchmaking uses to find opponents. Yes, those heroes are above the max, but that doesn’t make them impossible to defeat. You may encounter lineups that you can’t defeat in City Watch, but that can happen to anyone, at any level.

However, I want to make sure everything is working perfectly in your account so I will pass this along to our development team who will look into the issue and fix it if any bugs are present.

Drop me a line if I can do anything else for you.

Thanks for playing!

So enemy characters at LV140 when my characters are at LV78 is working as intended?

At this point all skills that are based on level are completely useless and all enemies starts with shields to increase their health that are already so much higher than my most powerful team can dish out with full SP at start.

This is so broken, one pillar of this game is near unplayable. I am very close on quitting this game.


I have no issues clearing hard daily

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