Balance in the City watch

Nemo, king bradley’s team has been increased to lvl 78. Why are you saying that is your team and versing level 100+?

Did you see the characters level?

Pretty poor isn’t it, essentially it’s designed to be broken because matchmaking isn’t clever enough.

I know some defend it because you can still win, but that’s beside the point.

It’s a flawed concept, because it purposefully renders many characters and skills useless.

Game modes should be able to offer variety, City Watch certainly doesn’t have that. You just load up two raw power teams and keep retrying different combinations until you win.

Incredibly boring game mode. Matchmaking needs to be improved to allow character variety to play a role.


Agree completely, city watch / matchmaking needs to be fixed. Can still clear it, but it’s getting tedious and boring.

What’s worse though is that not all players suffer from this insane scaling. Talked to a player of very similar lvl, power, etc.

He only get levels around 85 at the final fight.
I get 160-170. Reported it to pb hoping they take it seriously enough to fix it.

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All they say: Its not a bug, its as it should be.
Same thing they told us, about people getting different rewards in Arena and coli.
Today I got level 129 in 4.1 again!
And this is with removed discs!!!

I started CW today, that’s 1.1 against level 124 toons, on Normal :smiley:

So it’s getting hard to even charge up toons now to use when the level 140+ appear.

Personally I’m just biding time til the Looney tunes game drops, and hopefully it’s better balanced so I can drop this time waster for another one.

My big issue is if it is this way with some of us, then it should be the same way for all of us. I have guild mates, stronger than me, that don’t have the same issue.

I don’t mind a challenge, but why does it keep occurring to me and not them?

It gives some people an unfair advantage. Either make it the same for everyone or fix it so the few of us don’t have to face squads that are overpowered. Make it even across the board.

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I run into enemies between level 140-160 and a Sully of level 150 or cannot be taken down. He just heals and kills of every opponent. City watch is so damn unbalanced it’s sickening and is gradually making the take more and more discouraging to play.


100+ level heroes , with full badges . Problem is you can few times cant stun, freez ,curse , blind them.
its ridicilous beat 140level Sully. if i cant stun , curse or freez him. Or mister incredible.

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I noticed this trend back when my heros were under level 60 but my team level was over 60 due to, being the completionist I am, completing all the daily quests everyday. I also was unable to finish City Watch, … which I found quite annoying because it was a good chunk of my daily gold income.

Anyway, when I realized that City Watch opponent levels were based on my team level and not hero level I stopped doing most of the daily quests to focus on leveling up my heroes so they could catch up to my team level.

Im team/hero level 70 now and can beat city watch on the daily. The bad news is that my contribution to guild influence suffers since Im not completing quests very much.


Frankly, if they don’t address this and make changes in 1.4, I’m not sure I’ll be playing much longer. This has been an issue for a long time now and nothings happened.

The developer would like us to spend real world money on purchases, unlocking new heroes. I flat out REFUSE any purchase where the hero has a control skill. City watch is broken. I’m level 80 and face level 151 in zone 4. Frozone, Wall-E, Ralph, etc. are all useless. Every game like this has figure it out, but not these developers. Please fix City Watch! Make the game more enjoyable and make the control heroes relevant.


I don’t take part in the chat anyway really - too many kids (no surprise in a Disney game, but let’s face it, Perblue aim this game at adults with disposable incomes), so no great shakes to me personally.

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Agreed, but most players tend to play a game longer when there is a chat system

True, but I’m sure they’ll add chat features when it’s out of beta. They’d be silly not to. Gotta be somewhere for level 34, 8 year olds to spam post their weak teams over and over after all :smiley:

It’s pretty frustrating that it’s already been one year and they haven’t fixed the match making.

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I imagine it’s equally as frustrating to have been playing one year and still be struggling with city watch :wink:

In all seriousness though, I don’t think it was ever ‘broken’ - it’s just the way it worked. Actually, the number of times I get an opponent that’s overlevelled are now few & far between, which leads me to think they did in fact change something.

What I would like to see is CW pulling from Coli teams instead of Arena teams for a bit more variety - it’s tiresome having to find a way to thwart Gaston wave after wave after wave. Unfortunately that’s a long, long standing popular request from the early days of DS, so I imagine it’s not the easiest of things to achieve :frowning:

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i understand the frustration but it happens to everybody. Just other day my team, max 100, came across a scar and maleficent team that were 6 starred, O2, and level 200! It took a few tries but i was able to bypass that and continue on. If you’re breezing through city watch expect them to throw some curveballs once in a while. Whats the fun in monotony?

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I’m having the same issue. Day two and I’m still unable to compete last wave on Hard…
I’m level 125 and they’re level 138.

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Citywatch has been miserable to play for awhile. I have full red teams and can’t even finish easy difficulty. PB listen to your upset player base and fix this mode!
Seems all they care about is getting people to spend for Key “deals” but that still wouldn’t fix the fact few players can get through Epic CW if they have the keys. Making people pay for keys they can’t even utilize just makes the problem even worse. They want to force a red skill system but make it unobtainable. Fix it all :face_with_monocle:

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