Balance in the City watch

I HATE City Watch!! Even with red heroes you can’t beat a full City watch!! It’s impossible to fight and earn coins or keys. What the heck!! Please scale down opponents so people can have a chance to get past round three!! Sometimes i don’t even bother with City watch and just forget the market for City watch coins. Either fix it, or get rid of the whole city watch

What I hate is how the difficulty isn’t really a thing- easy is not easy, it’s as hard as hard basically. And though I have no issue basically quick fighting my way through hard, I’m stuck on a challenge completing a city watch with toy story only, and there is no way for me to do this as I don’t have them all powered up. Unless something is changed, the only way I complete this challenge is by maxing out toy story, yuck

That was THE hardest challenge!
Not just level up the toys; you have to get Duke(Wo) disk up to like 3*s for any sort of healing.
I ended up finally getting it but had to stall my T5 for like 3months and pour all my resources into Toys.
D&B RS was what finally made the difference for me.

Isn’t there something similar for Zootopia?

Since City Watch difficulty scales based on the strength of your top 5 heroes, if those are a lot stronger than the next 10-20 heroes, you’re definitely going to have a hard time of it; similarly, since the matchmaking thinks a 300k Mulan and a 300k Ralph are equivalent, if you don’t have a decent selection of newer, OP heroes and/or City Watch specialists in your top 20 heroes, you’re probably not going to beat it. Otherwise, it should be possible to beat easy and medium most days, and hard and epic when you’re lucky with the wards.

A few general tips to keep in mind:

  1. Since you start new battles with your heroes in the same shape they were in at the end of the previous battle, use that to your advantage: try to keep energy and HP meters full or close to it at the end of battle (which means no Quick Fight and use Auto sparingly).

  2. There’s no penalty for retrying a fight, so don’t be reluctant to redo a fight just to make sure your heroes’ meters are as full as they can be.

  3. Some heroes, like Mr. Incredible and Gizmoduck, can accumulate buffs from wave to wave; that can come in handy for what is essentially a 15-wave battle.

  4. Use the earlier fights to fill up energy meters for heroes that aren’t on your main team but might come in handy later, e.g. Peter Pan or Randall to snipe backline enemies, or Kristoff & Sven to have someone ready for a big instaheal at the start of a battle.

  5. Learn which of your heroes are particularly strong in City Watch; Nick and Wall-E are the kings of the mode, but other heroes such as Duke, Dash, and Zurg can also be devastating when starting a fight with full energy.

  6. If your guild is OK with it, hire a good merc to help you out. Identify what your weak point is in City Watch, and get a merc to address that, whether it’s healing, control, burst damage, or even a counter to a specific hero, like Mulan or Elsa, that’s everywhere in CW.

For most people, beating City Watch isn’t as easy as throwing together a strong, synergistic 5-hero team to steamroll your Arena competition; but once you learn the ropes and get some practice in it, it’s usually not too bad.

This is my main complaint about the mode now. I really think Easy ought to be easy enough that everyone can finish it nearly every day, though challenging enough that they have to learn the basics of what makes City Watch different and how to use those differences to their advantage.

Yeah, those are frustrating. It may be possible to get by with two or three strong Toy Story heroes and a suitable Toy Story merc, but even that will probably mean wasting precious, scarce resources on heroes you otherwise aren’t interested in.


I’ve been having a serious problem with City Watch ever since I started unlocking the red skills. Is there a way to “Turn Off” the scales that pick the level of the city watch opponents? I’m not talking about for Epic or Hard, but I would like it if I could at least complete Easy or Medium without having to use my Red Skill heroes. I can’t get a proper feel for my teams and figure out what is the best combination because I keep having to include my red skill heroes and it throws of my system of analysis. Any help would be appreciated.

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I hate City Watch now. You can’t beat it. Players are too strong. Can barely get to the third stage with all red heroes. This game is getting stale and not fun anymore. No wonder so many people quit and then you have hills with no one participating.

Which heroes are you using? Are you fighting manually or leaving it on auto? Do you retry fights if you win them but have too little HP/energy at the end? Does your guild allow you to hire mercs for City Watch?

My tips in terms of City Watch would be to use Wall-E and Sulley, especially Wall-E :-).
Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn can store an extra energy bar and as such more easily allow you to chain White skills and have backup energy more so.

Sulley’s Woody let’s Sulley team heal, so that you always start at full health in the next fight.

They really help me and I actually usually manage to clear City Watch or at least get to the last wave, so yeah really recommend Sulley and Wall-E for City Watch :-).

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