Based off HAL-9000 (Likely concept)


Stars: :star::star:
Position: Backline
Role: Control
Trial team: Red

“Not possible”

AUTO follows his directive by maintaining control in the battlefield


Entrance: AUTO appears deactivated above his position connected to a beam, he then activates himself (he won’t be able to move from this position)

Victory: AUTO eye glows red

Defeat: AUTO slowly deactivates

Basic attack: AUTO blasts the nearest enemy with electricity from his taser arm, dealing X damage


White: Tilting ship

Passive: at the start of each wave, AUTO marks the ally with the most HP as the “Captain”, the ally who is the “Captain” has 45% of the damage dealt to them instead dealt to AUTO while also healing them for X amount every 5 seconds.

Active: AUTO spins his wheel which somehow tilts the battlefield to the right, knocking back all enemies, stunning all enemies for 10 seconds and giving the two frontmost allies shields for X amount for 10 seconds.

Green: SECUR-T

AUTO sends out a SECUR-T to deal with the enemy team every 10 seconds, the SECUR-T attacks by trapping the closet enemy in its tractor beam for 10 seconds before it then slams the enemy into the ground and then goes through the rest of the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy.

While the enemy is trapped, they take X continuous damage per second and are prevented from attacking until the trapping wears off.

Blue: Full control

Whenever the ally that has been made the “Captain” by AUTO gets ko’ed in battle, AUTO and his allies become energized for the rest of the wave and AUTO stuns the enemy who ko’ed the “captain” for 10 seconds.

Purple: A113

“Energized” allies now gains X reality and X skill power every 5 seconds.

If the “Energized” ally is the “Captain”, that ally will now be cleansed of all debuffs/disables and will be granted a shield for X amount for 10 seconds

Red: Auto-pilot’s orders

Whenever the ally that has been made the “Captain” gains more than 25% energy, AUTO gains “Energized” for 15 seconds and becomes invincible for 10 seconds.

“SECUR-T” now steals all buffs from the enemy that the SECUR-T traps and gives them randomly to AUTO and the “Captain” ally with their durations refreshed.
+X damage to basic attack
+X skill power
+X armor


AUTO/Captain hook
Hoist the electrical
Disables decreases energy

All disables inflicted onto enemies decreases energy they gained by 35%

New-age vengeance
saps grants energy

Whenever an enemy attempts to sap AUTO or one of his allies, AUTO or that ally instead cleanses the sap, heals that ally for X amount and gains 25% energy.

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