Battle Pass Changes For July 2022

Hello everyone! We listened to your feedback and have made some changes for the July Battle Pass!

Here are the changes:

  • Reduced the price point to $15
  • Heavily increased the Red Skill Chip rewards
  • Increased the Hero Chips
  • Slightly increased some Badge and Diamond Crates
  • Modified cadence to provide both more with the initial rewards and a growing rewards the further you go
  • Added Hero Chip rewards to the end of the Free Pass

We’re looking forward to you all getting this new version and hearing even more feedback once it’s live!


I guess this means no Red Skill Chips though, right? Can be at least a hint about how many considering we have to wait till tomorrow?

Wondering how this will go.
I am interested in whether the first sentence is actually applied to Disk Power :thinking:
Or it is just about the Premium Pass…

I really hope it will be enough to max red skill.

Don´t think it will since it´d render City Watch pointless. I would say maybe a bit over the 20 buck deal, so like 7k? :man_shrugging:

Still will be needed for over 185 heroes…

Well, if the triple hero chips + 15 RS chips comes once every month for 3 days, I really doubt that.

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Which doesn’t happen… and that even still isn’t enough.

Well it did happen… Anniversary, then Buzz event.

But that is more a coincidence?

So I wouldn’t expect to see it in a few weeks.

Neither do I think the BattlePass will be filled with Red skill chips. I’m not sure how much it gae now, since I won’t buy it anyway, but I doubt the chips would be more than doubleded.

Well this is great

We don´t know. Maybe it was not a coincidence and it will happen again. :man_shrugging:

It was, they copied events from anniversary for another big one, and it just happen to be few weeks after.

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  • Modified cadence to provide both more with the initial rewards and a growing rewards the further you go

would’ve been awesome to see the new battle pass scaling before the update… why’s it being kept hidden, we all have questions

I mean, it’s only red skill chips for the featured hero (in the current case Pacha) so yes you would still need to do City Watch for every other hero that’s not Pacha


So, we get extra 10 hero chips at the end of battle pass? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And the rest of rewards are the same…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Wow…just wow…


Yes, that’s the change for the free track. The Premium Pass had the most changes.

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This is a very disappointing change to be very honest - the way the post is worded made us excited

This should have said: “We listened to the feedback, and here are the changes to Premium Pass:”
and then a small side note about the Hero chip rewards at the end of the free pass

Therefore I will PASS on this premium pass indefinitely.

I also find it bit disappointing that the Notification in the Events highlight the Premium Battle pass, but the price hasn’t even been updated yet. So people will think it is corrected, buy the pass and pay the incorrect amount.
It is the small things like this that makes it difficult for us to trust the environment at the moment.

insert “Disney disappointed” gif here - but then it feels like this post is light-hearted and should be enjoyed - which it is NOT

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Price drop: Great
Rewards on track: Not great

There’s zero scaling on Free side. Same 5 rewards on repeat again. Paid side scales like a roller coaster. I’ll use the Diamond crates as an example.

Tier 3: 100x10
Tier 8: 30x10
Tier 13: 30x10
Tier 18: 100x10
Tier 23: 30x10

Red skill chips scale some and might almost be useful, but they are not a hard need right now.

For me, the main problem with the Battle Pass is that we just had a Prize Wall for the hero and got them to 6* and red skills up without paying. I have no real need to pay $15 for red skill chips.

The price was updated around 8:30am CST. Are you still seeing the incorrect price?

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This was also in the patch notes on how the changes were made.

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