Be Your Own Hero

Everyone here loves DHBM, right? Some people even create their own hero concepts. Well here you can make YOURSELF a Disney Hero. There are 3 rules:

  • Make it as crazy as you want, but make some resemblance
  • Don’t post anything personal or inappropriate

Other than that, have fun. And without further ado, this is me as a Disney Hero.


:star::star: Back-line Support
Just an average kid ready to help out his allies.
“ Let’s have some fun, Y’all.”

Entrance Animation: I Walk out, wearing my favorite Mickey T-shirt, then cross my arms.
Victory Animation: I Shrug my shoulders
Defeat Animation: I roll my eyes.

Basic Attack: Passive

White Skill:
What to do:
Passive- I whistle, increasing the front-most allies speed by X.
Active- Changes into one of these depending on the ally with the least HP. If the ally’s health is…

Above 75%- I change into my Golfer outfit and swing a driver at the closest enemy, dealing X damage.Then I change back. Deals true damage.
50% through 75%- I change into my Magician outfit and send a volley of doves at all enemies, blinding them and dealing X damage. Then I change back. Deals fantastic damage.
Less than 50%- I change into my chef outfit and give food to all allies, healing them for X. Then I change back.

Green Skill:
Average school-kid - At the beginning of each wave, I become invisible for X seconds. After I am no longer invisible, I change into my school outfit and solve an equation, giving all allies X energy. Then I change back.

Blue Skill:
I Can Do It!- When I use my White Skill, they follow up with the following:
Above 75%- I kneel down and become precise for X seconds.
50% - 75%- I then show either an Ace of Spades or Ace of Hearts to the weakest ally. The Ace of Hearts heals them by X and the Ace of Spades increases their armor by X.
Below 50%- I present them a dessert, increasing their speed by X and health by Y.

Purple skill:
Once in a lifetime- When an ally falls below 50% health, I clap, cleansing all debuffs and increase their speed by X.

Red Skill:
Have some fun-

What to do increases my speed by X and armor by Y. I also cleanse all debuffs from the ally with the most debuffs when using Once in a lifetime. When an ally is healed, they gain X energy.

  • X additional max HP
  • Y armor
  • Z speed

Friendships: Merlin and I
Merlin teaches me how to properly do magic.
Increases health healed.

Belle and I
Belle and I search for the best book in the city ( Disney related book like Rapunzel, Princess and the Frog, NMBC, etc. )
Increased damage


Everyone feel free to make yourself as a hero as well.

I already have made a concept of myself. Here. If you need me to post it here, I will.

Very Cool.

This is great! I love the creativity. I will make myself at some point…

Over here.
And a bonus.

I will make myself after my concept I shall not name, because it’s a surprise.

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