Dark Magic fills the air.....(My Own Concept)

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Tragic Magic here with another concept which will feature me, Tragic Magic. Today my DHBM account turns 2 years old today, so I decided to make a concept on myself. Enjoy!

Tragic Magic

Appearance: Wears a dark cloak and wields a staff and his chest of spirits.
Bio: A dark wizard with a darker motive, Tragic Magic uses his shadow spirits to disrupt his enemies by causing chaos.
Quote: “Fool. You don’t know what’ll you get out of me.”
Star Level: :star::star:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Rises out of the shadows
Victory: Orb from his staff swirls around him
Defeat: Melts into a puddle of ink
Attack: Casts a projectile at an enemy.

White Skill: Spiritual Awakening (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: Tragic Magic fights along side his shadow spirits which deal XXXXX damage with each basic attack. They are contained within a chest that has XXXXX hp. The spirits can still attack even if Tragic is charmed, stunned, or frozen. At the start of combat, the player chooses either the Wolf, Dragon, Bat, or Snake to fight along side tragic. Also, Tragic cannot be cursed.

Each spirit has their own unique effect:
Wolf: Slashes enemies, removing 10% of the enemys armor.
Dragon: Burns enemies, dealing the same amount of damage per second for 3 seconds.
Bat: Bites enemies, healing Tragic and his allies the amount of damage this spirit deals.
Snake: Strikes enemies, stunning backline enemies for 3 seconds and dealing true damage.

Active: The player chooses which spirit to swap out with the active one. When a spirit is summoned, they give out a mighty roar, dealing XXXX damage and scaring enemies for 10 seconds. This resummons Tragics spirit at full health if they were KO’d in battle. While on auto, the spirits will cycle through the Wolf, Dragon, Bat, and Snake for the remainder of the wave.

Fantastic damage always crits against scared enemies. The active has a a chance to fail against enemies above level XX.

Green Skill: Spell Disaster (Normal Damage)
Tragic slams his staff down, dealing XXXXX damage to all nearby enemies and projectiles home in on enemies, dealing an additional XXXXX damage.

Blue Skill: Shadow Storm (Fantastic Damage)
Tragic conjures a storm that deals XXXXX damage to all enemies and sapping the enemy with the most energy for 12 seconds.

Purple Skill: Darker Days
Whenever a hero tries to heal their allies, they are stunned for 3 seconds.

Enemies damaged by “Spiritual Awakening” are now jinxed for 5 seconds.

Jinxed enemies receive 50% more damage from all sources.

The effect is reduced against enemies above level XX.

Red Skill: Ultimate Power
Tragic gains XXXXX skill power whenever an enemy is cursed. This resets between waves.

Enemies damaged by the spirits attacks and tragics skills are cursed for 5 seconds.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level XX.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+XXXXX Basic Damage
+XXXXX Armor
+XXXXX Damage from the spirts attacks

Friendship Disks:

Ducky and Bunny (169)
Toying Around
”Spiritual Awakening” Grants Attack Speed
+XX% Energy Gain
+XXXXX Reality
+”Spiritual Awakening” grants XX% attack and movement speed to Tragic, his spirits, and his allies for 5 seconds.

Dr Faciler (166)
Voodoo Dolls
Spirit Effects vs Role Enemies*
+XXXXX Skill Power
+The Wolf deals XX% more damage to Damage role enemies.
+The Dragon deals XX% more damage to Tank role enemies.
+The Bat deals XX% more damage to Support role enemies.
+The Snake deals XX% more damage to Control role enemies.
+All spirit effects are also more effective to their specific role enemies.



I’m planning on making a few more concepts from my poll, but Greg Heffley is kind of a hard character to make a concept for, consider magic doesn’t exist in his universe. If anyone would like to pitch in, please PM me so I can create the concept for Greg. Feedback on this concept is appreciated!

Ok ImLike It!

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