Being immune to debuffs

Is charming an opponent considered a debuff?

Yes, Disables like Stun, Blind, Silence or Charm are considered a debuff as well.

I’m not sure that is correct.

I thought that charm, blind, stun and silence are classed as disables.
Things like reality reduction, slow (things which reduce a stat) etc are classed as debuffs.

Some characters are immune to one but not the other.

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All disables are debuffs; not all debuffs are disables. If a hero is immune to disables, they’re still vulnerable to debuffs that aren’t disables, such as slow; that’s why it’s possible to slow down the mama bot. If a hero is immune to debuffs, they’re immune to disables as well.


Emphasis on “As well” at the end. You’re not wrong, slows, armor reduction, ect are debuffs. But disables are also considered a debuff.
Characters that are immune to debuffs are both immune to disables and stats reductions, saps, ect.
Characters that are immune to disables are only immune to disables like charms or stun, but not debuffs like armor reduction, slow, ect.

I don’t know if I explained myself well, so sorry if it ends up being a little hard to understand.


That’s what I said; you can’t disable (stun, freeze, etc.) the mama bot, but you can debuff (slow, armor reduction, etc.) it.

Sorry. I read impossible :disappointed:


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Anything that is not direct damage is a debuff. DoT is a debuff.

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