Bella notte

Tony and Joe

1 star, backline support

“Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes, on this lovely Bella notte”

Tony and Joe put on a dinner and a show to satisfy their customers/allies


Entrance:Tony comes in first with his accordion in his hands with Joe walking in behind him with his mandolin in his hands

Victory:they play their instruments joyfully

Defeat:they start bickering with each other

Basic attack:see passive


White:Bella notte

Passive:instead of a basic attack, Joe plays his mandolin which heals the duo for x amount each time he plays

Active:Joe and Tony play a beautiful song on their instruments which charms the two nearest enemies for 3 seconds.

Green:finest spaghetti

Joe cooks some spaghetti and tosses it towards the weakest ally which heals that ally for x amount.

Blue:meatballs a plenty

Joe tosses a bunch of meatballs out of a pan at the backmost enemies which deals x damage and causes continuous damage for 4 seconds

Purple:Italian delight

“Finest spaghetti” now gives the ally it heals 2 stacks of “hardy” and the hardy now gives that ally 100 energy each time it blocks a debuff.

Red:this is the night

“Bella notte” now increases the attack power of the enemies that got charmed by the skill

Tony and Joe’s armor and reality now increases whenever they heal an ally or charm an enemy


Tony and Joe/Simba and Nala
prideful romance
buffed when healed

Allies gain x armor and x attack power whenever Tony and Joe heal a ally with their basic attack or “finest spaghetti”

Tony and Joe/Colette
New chef
more hardy for allies

“Finest spaghetti” now gives allies around the healed allies 2 stacks of “hardy” each.

This is actually pretty rare

what’s pretty rare buddy???

The two Italian men

a concept for these 2???

Yes, amigo

I like it but maybe damage is something that should come before

Never mind it was blue sorry

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