Bendy - March 2021 | r19 TL230 Tier List

Thank you to everyone that helped put this together! As this is my first official tier list that I’ve made, how does this look, is it clear or is it confusing? What can we do to improve the next one? Let me know!

I am planning to get together once a month on stream to update this tier list as the meta continues to evolve! So if you disagree with the placement of a hero, keep an eye out for my next tier list stream and we can discuss it together! I’m open to any changes we can get a majority agreement on, I always want these tier lists to remain a team effort!

If you don’t know who I am, Hi! My name is Bendy, I’m a Disney Heroes YouTuber! I create loads of guides for new players as well as just general Let’s Play videos and I plan to stream at least once or twice a week! Thank you so much if you choose to watch even a few minutes of my content!!

My Channel Link:


Dash is broken. He deserves to be in the top tier. Mulan has lost her touch…


I’m kind of surprised to see Buzz as low as he is. I mean, he’s not “Really Good” or anything, but his Red Skill gives him a pretty good niche.


I´m sad but I can´t disagree that HDL are just meh…

Kim and Scrooge are WAY too high, they are ‘‘F’’, Kida and Basil in ‘‘meh’’.

Calhoun, Buzz, Van, Jack Sparrow and Zurg should be at least in ‘‘balanced’’.
Kronk is also too low :thinking:

I don’t see how Buzz or Zurg are at F, because both of them can be really great. Buzz is gonna be dealing true damage next rank like Dash, and no shield will stop Buzz. I’d put him in “Really Good”. Zurg can be really great with the right mods and team. Like mine. In my team, Zurg can defeat a whole enemy team with just one use of his active. So I’d put him in the Decent tier

Tbf, that’s next rank, which we’re not quite at yet. Though I definitely that Buzz should be a lot higher on the list than he is.

Heh heh. That’s in less then a week…

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… I somehow forgot about that. Fair enough.

Is there a full list of what abilities heroes are receiving with the yellow rank battle badges? I was unaware of that and it doesn’t look like the game has them in there yet

Not battle badges yet, but there is a website with all of the heroes’ stats and badges. It was updated last night with Yellow rank, and Buzz will have 341 Armor Negation. Which is basically true damage.

Take the stats with a grain of salt though, the ones of new (or refreshed) heroes tend to be inaccurate :thinking:

And there are leaks, but those aren’t allowed on the forums. Except in PMs.

I can’t say I know too much about scrooge as I’ve never used him before, but been wrecked by him in the past. Also Kim DEFINITELY has a very good niche with study teams, unless her rework made her worse, which I’m honestly not totally sure about. Either way I see a lot of scary Kim/study teams in the top tiers of arena/coli/war


Short story: yes.

Her base stats increase doesn’t exist.

She still lacks of armor negation and evasion. HP is low for 2021, that’s because she is close to front.


I watch a ton of your videos! I love how you also use Rapunzel a lot, she is so underrated! You have helped me so Much and I wanted to say thank you!


I subscribe your channel because all of some characters more stronger

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I disagree with some of your options.

Move Dash and Rocketeer to Best of the Best, and Jack Skellington, Miguel, Frozone, Zurg, and Maui should be moved to “Meh” (and maybe Mike and EVE)

Mr. Incredible should be moved up to “Really Good” or “Balanced”


Rocketeer isn’t really broken.

Neither of the bolded characters are “meh”. They can be great with a maxed red skill. Especially Zurg.


Nice work Bendy! Visit his channel in YouTube I think it’s hilarious :slight_smile:


I think Manticore is pretty good in Heist with Mushu Disk with the DOT? Or are there other factors that determine how good they are in Heist?

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I just noticed that you recommend Gaston disk on Randall. But I disagree, Randall is not that good of a hero anymore (he should be bumped down a tier or two…), and with precise around, his Gaston disk is useless. But Yzma disk can be troublesome, because the only counter to the disk is Joy :eyes:

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