Bernard, Bianca, & Orville (the Rescuers Hero Concept)

Bernard, Bianca, & Orville

Left to right: Orville, Bianca, Bernard

Thrilled to join the fight, Bernard, a janitor, and co-agent Miss Bianca, both employed by the Rescue Aid Society, take to the skies atop their pilot albatross friend Orville.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Midline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “If at first you don’t succeed,… try, try again.”

Entrance: Orville lands safely on the ground, with Bernard and Bianca sitting in the passenger seat on his back.
Victory: Bernard, Bianca, and Orville cheer and take off.
KO: Orville’s tail catches fire.

Basic Attack: Orville flies into enemies.

White Skill - Goggles Down - Normal Damage
Orville puts on his goggles and repeatedly flies into multiple enemies at once, dealing X damage to each enemy hit. Orville will cease once he runs out of energy.

Green Skill - Wing Flaps Down
Orville checks his wings, granting himself, Bernard, and Bianca X shield, which will last for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill - Tail Feathers
Orville checks his tail while Bernard and Bianca throw the Devil’s Eye diamond into the enemy crowd. Enemies are blinded by the refracting beams of light for 9 seconds.

Purple Skill - Air Strike
At the start of each wave, Bernard, Bianca, and Orville perform their “Goggles Down” skill immediately, regardless of their energy count. Their reality is increased to X.

Red Skill - Permission to Land
Bernard, Bianca, and Orville have a 60% likelihood of landing attacks by their offensive skills.

Bernard, Bianca, & Orville + Chip & Dale
Campaign: New Recruits - Bernard and Bianca meet Chip and Dale in the Park, having witnessed how well they hold their own against creeps, and think about inviting them into the City division of the Rescue Aid Society. The Rescue Rangers agree to take this experience out for a spin.
Disk: Chipmunk Challenges
Disk Memory: Bernard, Bianca, and Orville gain an additional 30% attack speed each time enemies attempt to deal damage to them while their “Wing Flaps Down” skill’s shield is live. The continued attack speed increase lasts until the end of a wave.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power, Z armor
Allies: the Swedish Chef, Alice, Angel

Bernard, Bianca, & Orville + Jessie
Campaign: Cramped - Creeps have infiltrated Flynn’s hidden workspace. The only four capable people who don’t already have their hands tied are Bernard, Bianca, Orville, and Jessie. Once they find it has been rebuilt as a maze, Jessie hesitates to press on, but the two mice and the albatross help her overcome her fear of confined spaces.
Disk: Rescue and Aid
Disk Memory: Bernard, Bianca, and Orville gain X HP each time they deal damage to enemies.
Disk Power: Z energy gain, Z armor
Allies: Magica de Spell, Tron, Hopper

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