Big bad wolf concept

big bad wolf


Quote:the stairs ain’t challenging anymore?

Role: damage

Stars: :star2::star2:


Trial: red


Entrance: big bad wolf comes out of a basket

Defeat: big bad wolf will face Palm himself

Victory: big bad wolf takes off his hat in relief

Basic attack: big bad wolf will hit the enemy with his Axe


White skill: big blowout

Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Big bad wolf will begin to blow wind until his energy runs out this does x damage, blinds enemies for 5 seconds, and knocks them back

Green skill: heavy jump
Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Big bad wolf will jump towards the enemy with the most HP and bite them this stuns the enemy for 6 seconds and deals x damage to them

Blue skill: behind the tree
At the start of each wave big bad wolf will appear behind a tree then peek out while drooling this scares all enemies for the first 8 seconds of the wave
tenor (20)

Purple skill: the smartest wolf
Big bad wolf gains x skill power from knocked back enemies

Red skill: never been seen
If a enemy is knocked back that enemy will be stunned for 11 seconds and will be sapped for 4 seconds

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Additional stat boost
+X max HP
+X max basic damage


Big bad wolf and magica de spell

Big bad wolf and Winnie the Pooh

No details on the friendship’s cause I’m lazy

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Okay done also any mistakes?

Sorry for the revive but I have remastered this concept

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