Big bad wolf

Quote)the stairs ain’t challenging anymore?
Role) damage
Front line
Entrance)big had wolf tip toes into the battle while licking his finger’s
Defeat)the big bad wolf tries to blow air but runs out of breath and fall’s on his knee’s.
Normal attack)big bad wolf swipes at the enemy
White skill-big blow) Active) every basic attack the enemy gains a blow icon above there head the more the blow the more the knock back
(This can go up to 50 blow’s)
big bad wolf blocks all attacks until his energy runs out when it does run out he blows air dealing knock back damage and dealing x damage
True damage :sunny:
Green skill-little red)big bad wolf puts on a red cloak and Acts like little red riding hood blinding enemies and stunning them
Normal damage👊
Blue skill-little bite)big bad wolf jumps to a enemy and bites them dealing x damage (he jumps at the back line enemy’s)
Fantastic damage💥
Purple skill-tasty meal)big bad wolf gains x HP when he bites an enemy
Red skill-hungry wolf) after big bad Wolf’s white skill I over be gains a shield
Big bad wolf and hades
Disk-big bad wolf heal)big bad wolf now heals himself 453 hp every basic attack
Big bad wolf and Eeyore
Disk-big bad wolf shield power)when big bad wolf shield is broken it lastes for a extra 3 seconds

Also check out letsgetdangerousbro big bad wolf concept
Series) three little pigs

Okay done also any mistakes?

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