Big city greens cricket green concept

“Two rebel peas in a rebel pod”

Cricket green is a very mischievous selfish and a country boy but with his experience in big city he will defeat his enemies
Position mid trial team blue
Stars 2

Entrance see green skill
Victory cricket green eats an apple
Defeat cricket falls while that frog in his overalls jump out
Basic attack cricket throws a tomato at the closest enemy

White skill BLORT

Cricket green says a cuss word dealing x fantastic damage and distracting them and decreasing their basic attack and skill power by x

The distract has. A chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill secret entrance cricket green arrives in his secret entrance once 4 seconds pass from the battle scaring all enemies for 10 seconds and applying 1 stack of fatigue per basic attack used in those 4 seconds

Blue skill Phoenix fleas cricket hugs his dog Phoenix healing by x hp for 11 seconds also pheonix’s fleas scatter to all enemies applying 2 stacks of fleas each stack of fleas deal x fantastic damage per second

Purple skill juicy tomatoes
Crickets basic attack applies 1 stack of fleas to enemies and slow their movement speed by 10% per crit and reducing their basic damage by x

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill sweat in my eyes

When cricket green’s allies super crit an enemy that enemy has their armor and basic damage and movement reduced by x and their movement and attack speed by 30% for 15 seconds

Enemies have their reality lowered by x per stack of fleas on them

The reality and basic damage lower has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Friendship disk with tilly
Tilly knew that the life in the city that is not big city would not be complete with cricket so they do cricket’s bucket list

Disk a bucket brother sister relationship
When cricket green uses his white skill 3 times he gains x basic damage and becomes energized for 7 seconds

Friendship with gogo
Gogo gives cricket the ride of his life but cricket takes them on a detour to mr bigs mafia place

Disk is called a freezing farm sale

Cricket green freezes an enemy when they are applied 7 stacks of fleas.

Battle badge.
Charged when enemies receive 15 stacks of fleas

X shield that last permanently

X basic damage

Invincibility for 7 seconds

Upcoming characters captain mccrea tank

Jake the neverland pirate support

Bill green support alice green damage

Mayor lionheart control

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