Officer keys big city greens concept

“You’ll be locked up for a long time and I’m throwing away the key”

Bio officer keys overly enthusiastic he will help his allies while throwing away the enemies keys

Role frontline support
Stars 1
Trial team yellow

Entrance officer keys exits his keys jangling in his hands

Victory officer keys smiles while swirling his keys

Defeat officer keysmakes an angry face that intimidates

Basic attack officer keys attacks with his handcuffs

White skill unlocked potential, passive officer keys has a 15% to apply a random disable to an enemy’s with his basic attack. active officer keys takes out a lock and unlocks it with the key adding 20 levels to the allies skills and increasing the allies attack speed by 1 per crit damage officer keys. And the strongest ally has

The skill level increase has a chance to fail against allies above level x

Green skill glasses mood

Officer keys puts on his glasses increasing his basic damage by x and scaring 1 enemy also officer keys increase his allies crit damage by x for 6 seconds

Blue skill cuffed counter

Officer keys dodges a white skill then he retaliates by swinging his handcuffs like an enemy bringing the enemy that the handcuffs hit to him dealing x true damage this is always a crit
The enemy is uncuffed after 10 seconds
While the enemy is cuffed allies are inspired to gain 150 energy when they perform their skills the counter can only be used after 11 seconds

While the enemy is cuffed it is snared and does not gain energy when attacked or when it attacks

Purple skill I am watching you

When officer keys crits a cuffed enemy not counting his blue skill all allies including keys gains 15% attack speed for the rest of the wave and gain 50 - 110 energy

The increase has a chance to fail against allies above level x

Red skill I’m throwing away the key

When officer keys uses his white skill all allies gain x hp and gain 200% crit damage for 11

Also I watching you bonuses on each ally, also apply to other allies same for each ally

The bonus energy and attack speed has a chance to fail against allies above level x

Friendship with cricket green Big city greens cricket green concept

When cricket green notices some trash but he swears he had not littered this time, officer keys and cricket is on the case

Disk is called greened investigation

When an enemy is cuffed officer keys steals x energy and becomes immune to disables for 3 seconds

Friendship with quorra

When officer keys arrives in the city he notices quorra and asks her if she can help arresting creeps for stealing some of that gold

Disk is called treasure of the cuffs

When an enemy is uncuffed all allies gain berserk for 6 seconds

Classification crit supporter and snarer

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