Big hero 7? My 3rd TV show concept

Mini Max- big hero 6 the series

1 star
Trial team- red
Quote- "greetings I am Mini Max. Defender of justice
Description- mini max aka a champion for justice uses his unique abilities to help him fight on the battlefield

Entrance- mini max flies into battle
Victory- mini max does a loop in mid air
Defeat- mini max runs out of battery

Basic- mini max flies over enemies dealing x damage

White skill- Mini Crime Fighting Companion
Mini max increases allies basic for x seconds and removes all debuffs from them.

Green skill- mini punch
Mini max does a super punch at the enemy that has the most health left dealing x damage. Stunning the enemy for x seconds. Mini max then shields himself for x seconds
Stun has chance to fail on enemies above level x

Blue skill- mini maximum distraction - normal damage
Mini max distracts the closest enemy to him x dealing x damage and healing his team x. True damage deals 2 times more damage to distracted enemies. Distracted enemies then become stunned for x seconds. The distraction lasts for x seconds

Purple skill- minimized armor
Mini Crime fighting companion now shields allies for x seconds.

Red skill coming soon


We all serve in our own way
Baymax, mini max
Allies- hiro, eve, wall-e
Disk- boost damage on mini punch by x

Botanical mission
Wall-e, mini max
Allies - hiro, baymax, launchpad
Disk- boosts Mini Max’s basic energy


Please post feedback and like

Instead of saying this I would recommend saying “mini max increases Allies basic damage by x for the rest of the wave”

What type of damage does this do?

Also needs a variable

Also I think you should slow down with these concepts this is your 2 concept today.

Overall this concept is decent.

I know i do one daily and forgot to post the one for yesterday thats where the 1st one came from. Thanks for the feeback tho

Fixed thanks for the feeback

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