David Xanatos concept

David Xanatos from Gargoyles

2 star
Midline damage
Trial team- Blue
Quote- “So now you know my weakness”
Description- Millionaire and businesses David Xanatos will use his cutting edge technology to deal damage

Entrance- Xanatos strides into battle
Victory- Xanatos smirks
Defeat- Xanatos gets blown backwards off the screen

Basic attack- Xanatos kicks at the closest enemy

White skill- Coyote
Xanatos puts on his coyote suit and sends a sonar blast dealing x damage and knockback.

Green skill- Gargoyle clone
Xanatos calls a Gargoyle clone to attack enemies dealing x damage

Blue skill- 2.0
When Xanatos dies his robot version comes in to fight replacing Xanatos

Purple skill- Health Hack
Robot Xanatos now starts with x more health and 3 stacks of hardy

Red skill- Double it up
“Coyote” sonar blast now deals x more damage and gives Xanatos reality.
+x damage on “Coyote”
+x Reality
+x basic damage


Evil Mastermind
Syndrome, David Xanatos
Allies- Megavolt, Hades, Emperor Zurg
Disk- Boosts Xanatos’s basic energy

Gargoyle experiament
Jumba, David Xanatos
Allies- Pleakly, Goliath, The mad hatter
Disk- Boosts damage on “Gargoyle Clone”

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Please post all feedback and I hopped you enjoyed this series. The coco series is next

I feel like this being having a stun would be nice,other than that great concept!

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