Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill Nye the Science Guy “Kinda Likely” Hero Concept)

Bill Nye the Science Guy

The one and only science guy Bill Nye joins the fray to demonstrate his science skills in the battlefield.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Control
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.”

Entrance: Bill Nye enters the battlefield with his science table.
Victory: Bill Nye pours a drop into his chemical mixture, causing it to create an elephant-toothpaste explosion.
KO: Bill Nye’s mixture catches fire, and he puts it out with a fire extinguisher.

Basic Attack: Bill Nye throws lab equipment at enemies.

White Skill - Science Rules (True Damage)
Bill Nye mixes chemicals in a bottle, torches the bottle, and throws it at enemies, creating a flaming puddle that damages enemies for 5 seconds upon walking into it.

Green Skill - Gas Hazard
For 6 seconds, Bill Nye wears an oxygen mask to prevent enemies from applying disables on him.

Blue Skill - Mixed Well
Bill Nye conducts an experiment with his chemicals for 10 seconds without attacking enemies. Every 2 seconds he is experimenting, he grants allies X stacks of hardy.

Purple Skill - Genius Innovation
Each time Bill Nye uses “Gas Hazard,” the weakest ally is also immune to disables for 6 seconds.

Red Skill - Consider the Following
Bill Nye starts off the battle with full energy, and his attack speed is increased by 30% for 6 seconds.

Bill Nye the Science Guy + Honey Lemon
Campaign: Science Class - Bill Nye asks Honey Lemon to assist him in teaching his City University science class.
Disk: Didn’t Know That
Disk Memory: Bill Nye’s “Mixed Well” ability’s time is reduced to 5 seconds, and the hardy stack count is doubled.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power

Bill Nye the Science Guy + Mickey Mouse
Campaign: Chemical Caper - the Mad Doctor has stolen all of Bill Nye’s equipment, so he requests Mickey Mouse to help thwart whatever the Mad Doctor is up to.
Disk: Mouse Tool
Disk Memory: Bill Nye gains X additional energy each time an enemy is damaged by his ”Science Rules” chemical puddle.
Disk Power: Z shield



Thank you. The theme song is now stuck in my head.


Is bill nye a disney charther?

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No. But you are allowed to create concepts on non-Disney characters

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He made a show owned by Disney for a short period of time, so at the same time, “yes” and “no.”

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