Billy dilly count wretcher concept

“I will cover the surface world in sludge and you will be covered in it too
Bio count wretcher dreams of covering the surface world of sludge now he uses the sludge to beat his enemies
Role tank
Position back
Trial team red
Entrance count wretcher enters the battle field, setting up his sludge cannon
Victory the sludge cannon shoots sludge in the sky while count wretcher laughs like a maniac
Defeat the sludge cannon turns and shoots sludge in count wretcher his face and he frowns
Basic attack count wretcher shoots a ball of sludge from his sludge cannon.
White skill sludge beam fantastic damage passive count wretcher is stationary but locks on an enemy of the players choice he still shoots other enemies but he does a super crit on the enemy locked on. Active count wretcher makes his sludge cannon shoot a stream of sludge dealing x damage damaging all enemies that are in the sludges path if this hits the locked on enemy all enemies receive 1 stack of sludge sludge slows the enemies movement speed by 15% and taking x normal damage per second a maximum of 5 stacks of sludge can be on an enemy.
Green skill is oh mother count wretcher pulls the painting of his mother and his mother yells at all enemies scaring them for 6 seconds and also stealing 50% of the armor from enemies with sludge. The armor steal and scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level x
Blue skill cannon fix 3 times per wave when count wretcher reaches 35% hp count wretcher’s assistant comes and fixes his sludge cannon healing him by x hp and count wretcher gains 150% attack speed for 10 seconds then the cannon fires a ball of sludge at the locked enemy dealing x normal damage to it and applying 2 stacks of sludge the stacks of sludge has a chance to fail against enemies above level x
Purple skill it’s not slime it’s sludge when count wretcher damages his locked enemy he gains 100 energy per stack of sludge on the enemy the energy gain has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.
Red skill wretcherous treachery when count wretcher crits or super crits count wretcher gains x armor. His basic attack has a 30% chance to apply 1 stack of sludge to an enemy
When count wretcher applies 5 stacks of sludge to 1 or more enemies with his white skill he gains a shield with x hp that last 7 seconds.
The sludge from the basic attack has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.
Friendship with hagwitch
The hagwitch is very excited for wretcher to be in the city with her but wretcher is just disappointed that she is also with him
Friendship disk is a sludgy disappointment
When ever an enemy receives a stack of sludge grant that enemy 2 stacks of fatigue when an enemy receives 5 stacks of sludge grant stun that enemy for 6 seconds
Friendship with Bunsen honeydew and beaker
Count wretcher is marveled at Bunsen honeydew’s inventions and tries to get him to make a humongous sludge shooter to cover the city with sludge.
Friendship disk a sludgy marvel oh mother applies 1 stack of sludge to enemies and deals x damage to enemies with 3 or more stacks of sludge.

Please - stop churning out concepts like butter. You need to take time and think through your concepts. Many people think you are rushing out your concepts.


I spent an hour brainstorming the skills 10 minutes finding a good picture

That is rarely ever enough time to think of proper skills and such for a concept.

But you are happy that I added the picture right and this is a very good concept. I mean I added sentences, and limitations and, I made the hagwitch concept yesterday I just had to wait all of this time to post it.

Yes. That is an improvement. One.

First of all, that’s a bit conceited to say of your own concept.

Second of all… not really. It’s better-ish, but it’s still very obvious that this was rushed.

But there’s still the issue of a lack of spacing. None of the individual skills are separated from each other and it makes this very hard to read.

One full day is not “all of this time”. In fact, it’s rather short. :roll_eyes:

There are some improvements, but quite frankly, there’s still a lot of feedback that you’ve already been given that you still have not fully acknowledged and applied.

I SERIOUSLY recommend you take a good, long look at this guide if you really want to make a detailed, well-thought-out concept.


I wouldn’t say that’s it bad…


It’s very rude to say someone’s concept is bad


Upcoming characters
Yucky will be damage
Candace Flynn will be control
Tilly green will be a support
And cricket green is a conteol

Do you have a comment for this hard work

Your concepts are even more blatant Sequelitis than Disney’s very own Direct-to-video sequels. I take back what I said earlier. Your concepts are complete and utter garbage.

Why do you keep on reviving dead topics?


By accident

… How do you accidentally revive these topics? None of them show up on the front page (at least on my screen) before you comment on them, meaning you had to actively look for these topics yourself.


They could have seen in it in the suggested topics column.

It also gives them a warning that they are reviving dead topics too.

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