Black History and Valentines meme Game

In celebration of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, I decided to do a meme game for the Month of February in fact y’all who participated in the Holiday meme game 2 should already know that I will do this. Plus last year I tried this and no one participated.

There will be questions related to Black History, or Valentine’s Day related, also there will be questions from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! Because 3/5 of the cast were born in the month of February the point is this will be about Black Lives and anything that’s Valentine’s Day aka Love related.

There will be polls as well
I make the question or more and they’re be worth 25 points (but sometimes I will make it work more than that). Whoever gets the question right will receive points and a meme. If anyone wants to use the meme will need to post the meme I sent them and the answer under.

The game will be for the whole month of February Good Luck

1st @Mickey_Fan_2023 8133 (Jimmy and Heloise/Amity’s love note/Kristine and Scott/Supermeme:Starfire/Ultrameme:Starfire/Ultrameme Starfire/Ultrameme Martin Chatterly/ Supermeme: TTG Robin Raven and Starfire/Ultrameme:Starfire/Ultrameme Starfire/Best Boy and Terra/Barbie and Ken/Patrick’s Valentine/Karmi and Hiro/Marco and Jackie/Star and Tom/Slime and Princess Spiderbite/Garnett/Darwin/Sunny Bridges/Jude and Jonsey/Flapjack/Jasmine/Brooklyn/Clawdeen and Cleo/Shani)

2nd @Biyaya 5792 (Lola Bunny /Bugs Bunny)

3rd @Mango_Island 2018

4th @Mega_virus1.5 (Lumity)

5th @th3_ca1tsune 25

6th @Kermit1 20 (Supermeme:Bliss/Supermeme:Katilda/Uncle Supermeme:Rokus/Marceline/ Supermeme:Marceline/Vanessa/Supermeme:Vanessa/Oscar Penny and 15 cent/Lunella’s Lab/Sticky)

7th @Taylor 20

8th @Mister_Toon 10

9th @Queen_Stitch_LXXVII 10




In celebration of black history month, we’ll make it a meme sounds quite wrong don’t you think?


No meme sounds

I don’t think you understood what they meant by “meme sounds”


I mean no video sounds or other nonsense that we see in meme videos

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Either way, can’t wait!

Let’s start

He’s Cricket Green’s best friend

Pinocchio? or Mushu?

Incorrect :x:

Let’s try again here’s the first question

When Robin goes out on a quest who misses him the most?

This show aired on Adult Swim and it’s about 2 boys living with their grandfather.


The Boondocks?


75 points for getting 3 of the questions correct

Also Happy Birthday to Starfire’s voice actor Hynden Walch

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Who was Mr. Krabs date?



Maybe near a great beach!

Mrs. Puff?

:birthday: :tada:

40 points for Starfire, 28 for Remy and Cricket, and 33 for The Boondocks also 25 points for getting the question correct

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Which show do we first see Raven-Simone?

This Disney Channel original movie is about a group of girls that’s are friends and are one singing group

The Cheetah Girls?

Correct 25 points

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