Blacksmith turned pirate captain (likely concept)

Requested by @Disney-Fan (aka disney fan)

Will Turner

1 star, frontline damage

“No heroes among thieves, eh?”

Former blacksmith now a pirate captain, will turner still has to craft a sword for battle but once it’s done he’ll shows his sword skills


Entrance: will turner walks into the battlefield as a anvil appears in front of him (see passive)

Victory: will raises his sword in victory

Defeat: will falls down and then sits up in shock

Basic attack: swings his sword two times at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage 2 times


White: blacksmith apprentice

Passive: will turner starts off the beginning wave crafting a sword in the backlines. while he is doing this, he takes 70% less damage from physical attacks and is immune to debuffs.

Active (blacksmith): will turner finishes his sword and moves to his normal position, this removes all effects he had when he was blacksmithing but he gains a 40% speed boost for 10 seconds and has his attack power increased by 40% for the remaining waves.

Active (with sword): will strikes the nearest enemy three times with his sword, dealing X damage three times to the foe and slowing their movements for 6 seconds.

Green: pistol shot

Will turner shoots the backmost enemy with his pistol, dealing X instant damage and dealing continuous damage for 5 seconds.

Blue: Sword throw

Will turner throws his sword at the enemy team, dealing X damage to each foe the sword passes through and knocking back the enemy with the lowest HP during the wave.

Purple: blacksmith by trade

“Blacksmith apprentice” now has a 40% chance of activating again once will turner finishes up the move the first time when he has his sword.

Red: Dutchman captain

Will turner is immune to critical hits for 10 seconds whenever he is buffed by any source.

All attacks done by will turner now has a 30% chance to deal continuous damage for 5 seconds.
+X damage to “sword throw”
+X skill power
+X armor


Will turner/jack sparrow
Rum hunt
faster counters

All allies who can counter attacks now dodges attacks faster when this disk is activated.

Will turner/Captain amelia
Captain’s meeting
“Sword throw” stuns enemies

“Sword throw” now stuns enemies when they are under 50% of their max HP.


Got a request for a concept you want me to do? List it down below!


Dr. Evil (if you can’t then negaduck) @Grim_grinning_Ghost

@Grim_grinning_Ghost who is Dr. Evil??

He’s the villain from Austin powers

Oh yeah!! I can definitely do him!!


Is he from Pirates of the Caribbean?

Yes…yes he is

I haven’t seen the film’s for a while,but I assumed so,thought I’d ask tho

Wow! This is great! Thank you so much!

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