Blue Badges Feedback


I don’t know if this is the right plataform to do this, but, I think a lot of people are having problems to earn blue badges. For this reason, this feedback would be a good idea to help Perblue improve even more the quality-of-life of the gameplay.
There a 3 blue badges that are being used for almost every purple/orange badge craft: Wicked Beats, Imagination Ship, Gigantic Peach. These 3 badges are being used all the time to create badges but never drop on the new chapters of the game, and this is a big problem because we have to spend tons of stamina in low chapters to get them, also these low levels have horrible drops apart from the blue badges.
The Imagination ship (Red team trial) and the Gigantic peach (Yellow team trial) can be found in the lowest levels of the trials but can’t be farmed on the highest ones. We have to decrease the trials level to farm the blue chips and that feels really wrong because we miss other strong bits chips, such as the orange ones.
Although we are missing blue chips, giving them on the diamond crates are not acceptable anymore. In the early game, when purple was the maximum rarity on the game, a blue badge drop on the diamond crate was a good thing, but now with O+5, that’s a horrible drop for crates that we have to spend money/diamonds to buy.
On the other hand, there are some easy updates Perblue can do that will really improve the gameplay. The new chapters could drop the more needed blue badges too, we will need them to upgrade the heroes for the new ratitys too. The gold crate could stop giving green badges, we almost never use them anymore, and start to give blue badges with more frequency. Blue bits could be droped in the highest levels of the trials too and PerBlue could do some Blue Badge Craft offer for diamonds, like the diamonds offers for purple/orange badges.
Grateful, Gavel.


I don’t think anyone is having problems. Blue badges are for the low leveled. Once you have purple heroes you only need them a few times. But after they are orange you’ll only need purple and orange badges. Also just spend 60 stamina on a level and you will get each of the guaranteed items 2-3 times (only works for chapters 1-6)


There’s peoblem, they not dropping after CH13 and return to old chapters just for them is stamina wasting. Also they always needed for some purple/orange badges and NEW heroes.
Diamond crate is terrible source, too high value for a small reward.


You know you can use the gold crate right? Just buy the 10 gold crate bundle for 90K coins. And if they do appear in the “high” chapters then? @Gavel is trying to say they need blue badges for higher levels. Once you level up it’s easy to get them. You can get new heroes to B2 easily. And what do you mean by “they always needed”? You need purple badges for heroes B2+ and orange for P4+


is this a joke? using gold crates to obtain blue badges is a waste of resources. it should drop on high level caps


Crafting badges. For example, “Grappling Hook” which is equipped on one of my orange +2 heroes requires 2 “Baymax Patch Kits”… which need 2 “Sea Witches Contracts”… which need a peach to craft, as well as the plan for it. This means 20 peach bits and 20 plan bits are needed, just for the one badge.


I feel you. I really do. I have run out all of my peaches and soon, the Imagination ship. If the drop rate is good, which isn’t, I could earn those through campaign. But you all know how that turns out

I really hope Perblue consider giving all trial rewards to higher level. It feels just wrong to intentional doing lower level just to get these, and of course, miss out on the orange bits :frowning:


I’m not sure what’s your level and which server you’re from, but you’re either low level and not facing this problem yet, or you server’s level cap is still low.

You seem to think that blue badges are only used on low rarities and that you can either go back to the early campaign levels to farm them or use gold to try to purchase them.

We have several flaws in your argument, tho. The first, and maybe the biggest, is that blue badges become useless once you hit higher hero level/rarity. In reality, the need for blue badges/bits/plans only increase the more you advance in the game, so you’d need more of them the then you needed when your heroes were actually blue.

The second wrong statement is that, if needed, you can always farm them on low campaign levels. You actually CAN do that, but you shouldn’t need to. It’s a complete waste of stamina! Considering you already passed the lower campaign levels, that kind of loot should be available in more chapters, specially on higher levels, so you could farm orange bits while also farming blue ones.

The third point is that you suggest that people could buy gold crates to get them, and that unfolds into 2 big problems. The first one is that you have no idea of what will come from those crates, neither the drop rate of each thing, specially when there was no change on how this crate works since the game release, so the mechanics is pretty outdated. The second problem is that gold is one of the most valuable resources in the game, considering its used to level up the skills, craft badges and also upgrade them. Wasting gold to buy gold crates is literally the WORST way possible to spend it.

Having said all that, I couldn’t agree more with @Gavel
Blue badges/bits/plans are one of the things in the game that need a review.


HELLOW MY FRIEND, we are from the underworld (known as the not rich) and we are having a hard time collecting blue badges because we are not loaded with stamina and gold in the same way as those who invest HUGE dollars, this is not a guess, this is a reality! I am VIP 5 and for me the game is getting very difficult due to the depreciated blue badges.


I will talk from a point of pretty low lvl on s18 which only has 8 chapter stages this far. Crafting blue badges specially ones that couldn’t be find outside of campaign (for example Extract of Llama which basically every hero need at least once on some stage of Blue,Blue+1,Blue+2 and can be only found in stages 5 and 6 in campaign, i wont even consider gold chest @Sauron got that covered) is horrible.
I know that this games shouldn’t be easy, but it often feels like wasting your stamina when you start farming that kind of badges. And i think better part of players feel like that too, and when i see other high level players complaining on same thing, with different reason of course and with different problems i feel like mine perspective just adds to general idea which @Sauron captured that blue badges and bits probably need a rewiew.


Ok just a clarification, @Stanford_Pines_X is from server 1 and claims to br an F2P. Now for me, I understand that this will be a problem, but for now I have 155 Peach pieces. Since I do not try to raise hero colors non stop, I prolly never will have this problem. But I heard a suggestion that was genious imo.

Adding these to the higher lvl trials will make them more farmable. :wink:


So you pretty much agree with everyone else, considering the purpose of badges is to raise heroes colors :upside_down_face:
Once you don’t use the badges as they are supposed to be used, you will never be in need of them, hence you don’t notice the urge to adapt the ways we have available to acquire them


I do not understand why you guys are against the blue badges review, you did not argue very well to convince that F2P is actually being F2P


I am not against it. I said that it didn’t affect me cuz I do not spend all my energy everyday grinding for badges. If I did, I bet it would affect me.


I’m level 93. Also what I meant by “equip badges” was not the fact that they need blue badges (I know they do I’m not that dumb) but the fact that they LITERALLY need purple badges. Some blue badges are made


The structure of your phrase made no sense at all for me, I didn’t understand the message you’re trying to pass, but you said:

And people are having this problem. Every single player is, unless you spent a lot of cash buying those orange and purple badges deals.

I still don’t see the point of what you said in your first comment and how you could think that Gavel’s idea doesn’t need attention


Actually I’m not having this issue at all. I’m an F2P player with VIP2 because of some surveys


I’ve bought almost every Badge Buster that has been offered on Server 1 since November. I don’t think I’ve had any issues with Imagination Ship, but I often have issues (around once a month) with running out of Wicked Beats and Sea Witch’s Contract, and I constantly have issues with running out of Badge of Motivation and Gigantic Peach almost daily, so this isn’t just an F2P and C2P issue.

Edit: I did have issues with Imagination Ships once, but that was right before a Triple Trails event and I had over 20 Trails resets. I lowered the difficulty of the trail to get max Imagination Ship rewards and used a bunch of my Trials resets to build my Imagination Ship count back up over 600. I just checked and I’m now back down to 84 Imagination Ships, so that will be become an issue again until another 2x or 3x Trails day. Sidenote: I do the same thing, but a lot more often for Gigantic Peaches, and I make sure to raid Gigantic Peach stages at least 50 times on double drop days, but it almost seems impossible to ever have enough Gigantic Peaches.

The only Badge Buster Deals that I have seen that help alleviate any of these issues are the deals that include Baymax Patch Kit as Baymax Patch Kit requires Gigantic Peach and Sea Witch’s Contract to craft, but that is more of a band-aid (ba dum tss) than a solution.


I don’t know how anyone can not be having this problem. The peach, sea witch’s contract, imagination ship, wicked beats, spilt milk etc. are far too prevalent in badges of EVERY rarity, with sometimes even 60 of, say, peach bits, not being enough to craft a single badge.

The trials drops do very little to help and as mentioned, having to drop difficulty and miss out on the higher drops is ridiculous and a step backwards from DS.

Likewise, having to spend half my hard earned stamina farming peach drops, which offer no other bits of use, kills any sort of progression in what is already a monumental badge grind.

The diamond crates are a whole other issue but are equally as frustrating. If it was purely these popular blue badges that dropped there, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s not. Diamond crates have little to no value for the player towards the higher end of the level cap and have to be improved, especially if PB continue to use them as contest rewards.


This might explain why you can’t grasp our problem. P4 and most O0 don’t have many badges that need blue. However, there are a lot more badges that require a lot of crafting later on. To give you perspective, 5 out of 6 of the badges on my O2 WALL-E require blue badges. 4 out of those 5 require at least 2 blue badges. There is a total of 90 blue badge bits required for those four. You’re going to need all the blue bits you have when you get to higher rarities :wink: