Blue Invasion teams

Who is the recommended hero for the Blue Invasion?

I am also using Bo Peep, Ducky & Bunny, Duke Caboom, Megara and Alice.
However, if the Megara is defeated with poor resilience, it will be annihilated.
Is there any other good way?

Sorry for my poor English.
Thank you for reading this to the end. :heart_eyes:

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I think this looks like a good team :grinning:

Maybe I would try with Woody[Bu] instead of Alice, he can give more attack speed than her and also he gives healing. The only bad thing is if he lassos the bot, Bo Peep can push it right to your back line. But that doesn’t always happen. :man_shrugging:

Or, if u have him strong, then Animal maybe is a better choice, but I don’t so I can’t say :frowning_face:

I am using Hercules, Bo Peep (who provides massive damage, but is succeptable to Bot attacks), Stitch, Alice, and Elsa. I am working on Hercules Maui disc to provide the Invincibility to Bo Peep to help protect her. I have been using some other experimenting with who produces the most damage vs. their surviveability.


Try replacing D&B, they’re good but don’t do much against Mama Bots. Animal would be the best replacement Imo, but also Hercules (Ma) or Shank (Va) would be great.

I’ve got a good team but it’s not on all servers depends which one you are on

Against bots i use Bo peep, ducky and bunny, buzz, genie, and Megara.

Nice to see all these options. The funny thing is that I’m on S19 and have to team both red and yellow teams with Bo to beat Bosses one shot.

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On server 18 I use Bo Peep, Ducky & Bunny, Duke Kaboom, Megara, and I swap ( Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Emperor Zurg)

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Been crushing it on server 10 with Bo Peep, Duke Kaboom, Animal, Megara, and Jafar. Possibly Piggy can replace Duke or Animal for more points but mine isn’t 6 *

Server 19 here too: options seem pretty limited. I’m Fielding D&B, Herc, Sully for heals, Bo & Zurg, but trying to replace the latter 2… Zurg can’t really deliver more than D&B by this point and Bo is too exposed although she has good damage.

@stone43 and @Momma_Jamie

Does Megara provide enough healing to keep Bo Peep in the fight?

I’ve been using that pair this week and yep, she does great :slight_smile:


For the most part yes. The high level bots that you activate the red eye of death, you’ll need Genie’s healing capability

With Megara paired with Bo, Bo cannot die while Meg is alive… And she never dies for me. Seeing as Bo also self heals so those 2 combined are essential


Ok, so I have found out this week (at around Bot level 130) that my Meg (Orange4, but only 3 stars) is not sufficient enough to keep herself and Bo peep alive so I will have to add Genie as there is not another Blue team healer worth a flip. I also have started to run the fights manually to keep Bo from dumping the Bot into my backline, that is just a catastrophe when that happens. That change will have me using two characters simply in Support of Bo, so I need to re-evaluate my other two positions for Bot fights. Anybody want to post some results from Bot fights?

This is my team

FYI, my discs for my heroes are:

  • Woody for Bo,
  • Meg for Herc,
  • Timon & Pumbaa for Bunny & Ducky,
  • Quorra for Alice
  • Shank for Meg

Whenever Meg is near dead and can’t heal herself fast enough, I will activate Alice’s white skill. With the help of that shield, she will last a little bit more, sometimes just in time for her healing :slight_smile:

That is a good idea on using Alice’s shields to help those two recover. I only have that disc at one star, but I can start working on that one immediately. I only wish Herc would create a little more damage as I was hoping his disc from Maui would help a little more with its temporary invincibility fo Bo Peep…Thanks for the help Yunno!

I have them at 3 stars :)))) it takes way more time to turn friend discs into 5 stars, tbh…

I want to get that disc too but Meg disc gives him better damage… that’s why I haven’t made up my mind whether or not I should get that disc :frowning:

You are most welcome, @Go_Dawgs

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