Bugs - November 22-25


Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • What current bugs or technical issue bothers you the most?

Right now I noticed 2 bugs, one not so bad, one needs fo be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. The daily quest menu is laggy now, when I scroll the list, it always returns to the beginning.
  2. The skill upgrades don’t work as they should. Instead of upgrading a character skill to the level you need it upgrades the skill till all your gold is gone. The game then offers to buy more gold, and the bying menu can’t be closed, so you need to reload the game.

Server 14, level 125.

P.S. Noticed that dialogues in Hook/Pan friendship have no translation. Won’t be friendships translated anymore. The campaign is all English since Jack and Sally, and now with Boogie added the dialogues also miss it.

The whole game lags and crashes for me. I can barely play.

Server 14
TL 86

The daily quest screen kind of lags and glitches (mostly on the iPad)

Timon & Pumbaa’s friendship with Stitch still doesn’t have the update text (I think this is already on the list of known issues)

S8/19, TL 138/59

Sometimes in heist. The thief still steals one of the diamonds in the first 10 seconds. Server 5, Team Level 145.

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The friendship missions are missing updates ever since Alice in wonderland was introduced to the game.

S2 TL130

The Coliseum mode crashing has bothered me the most.

S8, TL100

What current bugs or technical issue bothers you the most?

The lack of a confirmation pop-up for the max level buttons, or for large diamond purchases. What’s a large diamond purchase? Let’s say 50% or more of user’s current diamond count.

S14, TL125

Posted in the patch notes too, but I’m seeing heist issues where toons are stuck in battles or an ambush can’t started. Also seeing an issue where the daily quest list will jump to the top while scrolling. Both iPhone and iPad.


There’s one in the Invasion Breaker Fight where whenever I click the leftmost enemy, it goes back to the previous screen.

Coli enemy teams take a while to load for me. After.I play for about 15-20 minutes, the game crashes.

Server: 8
Team Level: 102

3D touch hasn’t worked for “collect & restart” friendship mission for a while.

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The forum one where new topics don’t always appear in the list. Like most of the Q&A topics. :confused:

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Yeah. I agree

Not received the 45mi contents co-op bonus.

Não recebi minha recompensa do torneio

Some bugs in the Heist

There is unable to start fight in the 1st picture.
And too small icons in 2nd picture

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The new friendships nodes aren’t translate anymore, next the friendship level up mission story isn’t translate and stops abruptly afther level 3, and now neither the text from the main conversation is translate too. I glad i understand English (not much but i can defend myself) but not everyone understands it and they are missing important part of the MAIN PLOT that can’t be revised later.

From server 2, team level 145.

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