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@The-Pumpkin-King Do you want to collab with me for the pixar concept series?

I think I’ll let someone more experienced help you out. I’m still kinda new at these things.

That’s fine!

Does anybody else want to collab with me?? If not then I will just do the series by myself

It depends on what characters, but I would be happy to help. We can start a PM and you can tell me what your plan is. Once I see it I will decide, and I promise I will keep things a surprise for everyone.

Well to tell you honestly…I was originally gonna make this concept series at the beginning of September in celebration of the then upcoming pixar fest but I forgot all about it…until now…so I decided to reschedule it for October

I decided that this concept series is gonna consist of concepts for characters from what I (and probably other people) consider to be the greatest pixar movies of all times (toy story, monsters inc, Up, wall.e, etc)

Ok can you start a PM where we can talk more details? I want/need to know more before I help.

Of course I can!! But i will have to do it tomorrow because I have to go to bed right now

I should be in bed, but forums + procrastination + American politics = late night doing homework.

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If you need more help, I’m always happy if I can help someone! :kissing_heart:

I can also help out with any concepts if necessary.

(Whoa…alot of people wants to help with the whole pixar through the years concept series)

first concept for pixar throughout the years has been added!!

be sure to look out for more pixar concepts throughout October (and maybe into November)

Who is behind the door?? Better not leave it open on the way out!!

who do you guys want to see first for my side of the monsters inc concept series

  • The abominable snowman
  • Needleman and Smitty

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now taking requests for concepts (likely and unlikely)


  • William turner

  • Garfield

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added the concepts for lefou and will turner

Added Dr. Evils concept

i have a announcement to make…im thinking about making a concept contest for December but I have to work out what the contest will be about (it’s probably gonna be pixar-themed) so expect more news to come out when it’s ready

Can’t wait!

Ummmm…interesting?? I don’t understand any of what you just said

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It’s spam, just flag and ignore

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The pixar-mas concept contest post is about to be released!!

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