Cadence (Club Penguin Hero Concept)



Club Penguin Island’s DJ levels the competition with vibrant tunes and insane music-mixing gear.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Backline Tank
Stars: :star:
Quote: “You can boogie down ‘cause I’m spinning some tunes!”

Entrance: Cadence’s DJ booth appears in the battlefield, and she slides on her knees behind the booth.
Victory: Cadence plays a victory beat.
KO: Cadence’s DJ booth shuts down on its own, and Cadence face-palms herself in frustration.

Basic Attack: Cadence throws a record at enemies.

White Skill - Dance Machine - Fantastic Damage
Cadence spins a record, flinging her puffle Lolz off the DJ booth and sending her ricocheting off each enemy and dealing X damage.

Green Skill - Drop the Bass
Cadence turns up the volume and causes a heavy beat-drop, silencing all enemies for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill - Dance-a-Thon
Cadence plays electric music, increasing allies’ Skill power by X for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill - Coffee Dance
If Cadence reaches 0HP, she will regenerate her HP completely and double her attack speed by chugging a cup of coffee. The attack speed increase will last until an enemy is silenced.

Red Skill - Mix Master
Cadence inspires allies and increases their attack speeds by 40% each time she performs her “Dance Machine” skill. Her reality is increased to X.

Cadence + Powerline
Campaign: Remix Collab - Powerline and Cadence decide to collaborate and remix “I2I” into a new modern-day hit.
Disk: Record Breaker
Disk Memory: Cadence deals X additional damage to all enemies when performing her “Drop the Bass” skill.
Disk Power: Z shield power
Allies: King Louie, WALL-E, Lock, Shock, & Barrel

Cadence + Animal
Campaign: Electronic Mayhem - Cadence shows Animal how to use a DJ booth, and Animal loves it. He just goes crazy with the controls, and Cadence sees potential in Animal’s new skills.
Disk: Death Metal
Disk Memory: Cadence’s “Dance-a-Thon” skill removes X energy from enemies.
Disk Power: Z max HP, Z armor
Allies: Rex, Kronk, Pocahontas

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Club penguin is made by disney right? If so charthers from there should be likley concepts

Only if Perblue have the rights for Club Penguin

If they have the rights to all Disney properties, they have the rights to Club Penguin… so… yeah.

Perblue doesn’t own all rights to Disney properties like Disney parks, attractions, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Marvel, Fox properties, etc


All Disney properties refers to characters that go in the game under the traditional Disney license, which would exclude everything that Disney owned before Marvel or Lucasfilm.

If they wanted to add an original Disneyland character, they could technically do that. PerBlue, of course, doesn’t own everything Disney, they just made the game and brought the crossover to life.

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