Can anyone help me with heroes?

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I was wondering if anyone could help me with picking out a team for the last level in chapter 32 of the campaign. No matter which heroes I try and use, I cannot defeat it. The enemy is Mulan, Tron, Rapunzel, Linguini/Remy, Belle and Felix. Thanks in advance!

Sure, can try to help you :-).

Though in order to properly help you I need to know what your characters are, so if you could screenshot your characters when sorting by power that would be really helpful for us who want to help you.

Use Timon and Pumbaa to block Mulan’s crit.
And The Problem is hardy. All Give Hardy, Tron gives SP via his Green, And Mulan smashes.

Thanks for your reply, I can’t get all my top heroes in a screenshot, my phone is being weird with it. My highest power heroes are pretty old ones, I’m trying to level up newer characters though. So my highest power characters at the moment are Barbossa, Moana, Pleakley, Angel, Stitch, Alice, Calhoun, Jack Sparrow, Wall-e, EVE, Peter Pan, hades, gaston, yzma, jackjack, mickey, Miguel, goofy, kronk and maximus.

No problem and happy to help :-).

I first of all think your main problem is the fact that you have mainly older characters, although Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn disk is good utility wise.

But yeah, I say focus on Maximus, Angel mainly probably. Kronk I am not sure if you should focus on or not, same goes for Pleakley as there likely are newer and better characters out there.
Wall-E with Kevin Flynn disk you can have for Utility if you want as a backup :-).

So yeah, what new characters do you have overall?
You can use this list to see which characters are new or not :-).

Thanks for the info! I have all characters unlocked, I just need to level them up. I read the list, as far as newer characters go, I have Carl, Barley and fairy godmother on red at the moment, just need to get their power up more as they are still pretty weak.
If you have any recommendations on who to level up, please let me know. I don’t mind focusing on completely different characters, whatever you think is best. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help and advice!

Ah sorry, meant to reply to your original reply from yesterday, but yeah been busy ;^^.

Anyway, I see and yeah will get to work now :-).

As far as the new characters you have Barley and Fairy Godmother aren’t that good it seems, or at least PerBlue has to make it so that their buffs can’t be removed. Carl is maybe too new too know for sure if good or not.

By new characters I mean like characters from the last 3 months or 6 month if they have good skills even if not that focused on power.

As for right now I am a bit unsure who to recommend.
It didn’t seem like we got the usual power/meta jump with the anniversary, so yeah unsure.

While of course it is good that we not necessarily have to switch to new characters, it does make it harder in terms of who to recommend.

I think proven new characters right now are like Swedish Chef, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Mr.Big and Kermit at least.

Sorry, didn’t mean to actually reply twice with the same message, I wasn’t sure if the original went through cos it said error on my end :sweat_smile:
And thank you for the advice anyway, I really appreciate it!

Ah I see and no worries yeah :-).

No worries and happy to help yeah ^^.

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