Update 0.2 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes 0.2: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Memory Disks and More!

Welcome to all our new players! This is our first big update to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. We’re really excited to be working on this game and have lots of great stuff in store for the future. We plan to update the game regularly—with new content, features, improvements and fixes—every month or two. Each time we do, we’ll provide comprehensive patch notes listing all of the big changes.

Two notes for this update:

  1. The most common request we’ve been getting is for MORE HEROES. We hear you! We’ll be adding new heroes, from different Disney and Pixar movies, steadily to the game over time.
  2. We’re still in beta here, so we will be making some changes to the game economy and balance. We always try to keep these changes small and to call them out in patch notes.

Thanks and enjoy the new stuff!


  • New Heroes: Woody and Buzz Lightyear
  • New Skills at Purple Rarity
  • Memory Disks unlocked
  • Team Level 60 & Chapter 7
  • UI and Combat Polish
  • Friendship Tweaks
  • New Player Tutorials

New Heroes


“I’d like to join your posse, boys, but first I’m gonna sing a little song.”
Woody is a mid-line support hero! Woody Chips can be found in Elite Chapter 7.


Woody invigorates his allies giving them bonus basic damage and 100% attack speed for 5 seconds.

Woody lassos the furthest enemy, pulling them to himself.

Favorite Deputy
Woody deputizes the enemy with the highest skill power, charming them to fight for him for 5 seconds.

Woody’s basic attack marks enemies with a bullseye for 5 seconds. Woody’s allies gain HP each time they damage an enemy with a bullseye.

Buzz Lightyear

“To infinity, and beyond!”
Buzz Lightyear is a back-line damage hero! Buzz Chips can be found in the Diamond Crate.


Laser Action (Normal Damage)
Buzz flies into the air and fires his laser, dealing damage to all enemies.

Anti-Gravity Cage
Buzz encases an enemy in an anti-gravity bubble, stunning the enemy for 7 seconds.

Pulsar Push (Normal Damage)
Buzz uses his anti-gravity bubble to knock back an enemy, dealing damage to the enemy as well.

Power Up (Normal Damage)
Every 3rd basic attack, Buzz’s laser now pierces through his target and hits any additional enemies behind it. Each additional enemy takes extra damage.

New Content

  • Team Level cap increased from 50 to 60
  • Chapter 7: “Center Line” is now available
    • Look for the new Soulless Ghoul and Skeleton NPCs
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple rank, unlocking their purple skills
  • New friendship between Woody and Buzz
  • Memory Disks can now be equipped.
    • Memory Disks unlock by completing the Friend Campaign and require Heroes be at Purple
    • Check out our Memory Disks Overview for more information!
  • New Medals added for the new content

UI Improvements

  • Friend stamina: now more visible, less dots
    • It’s now shown in the resource bar next to regular stamina
    • We’ve removed the red dots on heroes when you have friend stamina available to spend
  • Hero and hero chip icons are now square
    • Makes hero buttons in combat bigger and easier to tap
    • Makes it easier to distinguish hero chips from badges
    • Makes the hero icons consistent throughout the game
  • Easier window navigation
    • You can now tap anywhere near the left/right edges of pop-up windows to close them
    • Some screens now have a more visible Continue button instead of X button
  • Combat defeat screen now suggests specific improvements to your heroes
  • Hero management screen now toggles to show you the badges of all your heroes
    • Makes it easier to decide which hero to upgrade next.
  • Friend dialogs are now shown immediately after you level up a friendship
    • Don’t need to go to the Friend Wall to view it
  • Red dot alert logic has been improved for hero screens
    • We’ve removed some cases where dot appear that aren’t useful
  • A “home” button has been added to the side menu that takes you directly back to the main screen
  • You can now receive a push notif from the app when your friend stamina is full or you have a mission completed
  • A “raid again” button has been added to the raid window for easier raiding
  • Hero chip collection window now shows how many chances remaining at each elite campaign level
  • Logic for which badges you can currently get has been improved
    • No more white arrows on badges you can’t actually get
  • Frozone is now a starting player avatar
  • Guild officers and veterans now have separate chat icons
  • Guild member list now allows sorting by influenced contributed
  • Tapping “Go” button from Medals window now takes you to the correct location in campaign
  • Missions can now be canceled
    • Canceling refunds any items used to start

Combat Improvements

  • Fast forward button state is now saved
    • Won’t turn off every battle
  • Time between waves of combat has been shortened a bit to speed things up
  • Characters now visually react to being hit more often
  • Ralph’s “Wreck It” skill now adds a little screen shakes
  • Heroes are spread out more in combat when there’s room
  • Audio, especially in combat, now better prioritizes important sounds and deemphasizes less important ones
  • Damage for hits that’s KO combatants is now shown

Friendship System Improvements

  • We’ve adjusted the pacing of friendships unlocks so you don’t end up with so many to manages so quickly.
    • Hero level requirements to unlock friendships have been spread out to between Hero Level 25 through 60
    • This will only affect new players going forward (if you have a friendship currently unlocked, it won’t become locked)
    • Friend campaign battles and missions for friendships whose unlock requirements have increased will become harder
  • Daily friend quests now turn off once a friendship reaches friend level 6
    • These quest are mostly useful to get you to the point where Missions unlock (friend level 5)
    • After that, they just cause a lot of clutter in the quests window
  • We also moved the location of several friendship campaign fights around
    • Too many fights were in the same location, making it hard to tap the right friend pair

New Player Tutorials

We’ve added new tutorials and improved existing ones:

  • New guild tutorial
  • New campaign “reinfection” Tutorial
  • Improved friend campaign tutorial

Economy Changes

  • Guild check-in gold rewards lowered
    • The gold boost that new players in large guilds currently receive is more than we expected
  • Creep Surge completion bonus lowered
    • This encourages guilds to move up in difficulty sooner
  • Disk Power reward in reinfection fights lowered
    • This was a bug where reinfection fights were giving out more disk power than intended

Bugs & Misc

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some push notifications from working on Android
  • Daily Deal now correctly displays 120 diamonds per day
  • You are now only eligible to receive Guild Check-in rewards for the guild that you check-in with
  • We adjusted the chat spam detection system to be more lenient
  • You now will get a push notification when we reply to your customer support conversation
  • Report player button added to chat
  • Avatars don’t get cut off in chat anymore
  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • Fixed a few rare cases where tutorials could get stuck
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