Update 0.3 Notes

Disney Heroes 0.3: Zurg, Rex, Coliseum and More

Welcome to our second major beta update! Once again, we have a mix of new content, new features, improvements and bug fixes in store for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. A big thanks to everyone playing the game so far: we have an amazing player community and support for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has been awesome!


  • New heroes: Rex and Emperor Zurg from Toy Story
  • Campaign Chapter 8: “Chorus Line”
  • Team level 70 and Purple +1 heroes now available
  • Coliseum (15v15 hero arena)
  • Live events
  • Emoji in chat
  • Performance updates, visual polish, bug fixes, UI improvements

New Heroes

Emperor Zurg

“So we meet again, Buzz Lightyear, for the last time!”
Emperor Zurg is a mid-line damage hero! Emperor Zurg’s hero chips can be found in the Coliseum Shop and Diamond Crate.


Ion Blaster (Fantastic Damage)
Zurg unleashes his ion blaster and fires it repeatedly until he runs out of energy. Each shot from the ion blaster deals damage to each enemy.

Zurg Fury
Zurg shouts, scaring enemies for 7 seconds. Scared enemies take twice as much fantastic damage from all sources.

Energy Heist
Zurg steals 60 energy from each enemy.

Evil Genius
Zurg gains 20 energy every time he damages, scares, or steals energy from an enemy.


“Oh, I’m going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it! I think I’m just coming off as annoying.”
Rex is a front-line tank hero! Rex’s hero chips can be found in the Diamond Crate.


Stampede (Normal Damage)
Rex charges through enemies dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

Mighty Roar (Fantastic Damage)
Rex roars, dealing damage and silencing enemies for 4 seconds.

Dino Might
Rex headbutts nearby enemies, dealing damage and knocking them backwards.

Shield Eating Dinosaur
Rex deals extra damage to shielded enemies.

New Content

  • Team Level cap increased from 60 to 70
  • Chapter 8: “Chorus Line” is now available
    • Look for the new Soulless Ghoul NPC
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple +1 rank
  • New locations for hero chips:
    • Buzz can be now found in Elite Chapter 8
    • Emperor Zurg and Finnick can be found in the Coliseum Shop
    • Rex can be found in the Diamond Crate
  • New friendships added:
    • Rex and Woody
    • Emperor Zurg and Rex
    • Buzz and Emperor Zurg
  • New medals available for:
    • Getting 5 friendships to levels 5, 10 and 15.
    • Unlocking memory disks
    • Evolving memory disks
    • Running multiple missions at once
    • Liking Disney Heroes on Facebook
  • Music and audio have been update in many places



  • Battle your way to the top in this new 15v15 PvP arena!
  • Create three lineups of 5 heroes each
  • Fight other players’ lineups in a series of 3 battles
  • You must win all 3 battles to earn a victory!
  • Like the Arena, the Coliseum features tiers, divisions, promotions and demotions

Live Events and Contests

  • Disney Heroes now has support for events, sales and contests
  • We plan to run a few events over the next few weeks

Combat Improvements

  • Improved texture compression
    • Players should see better graphics, especially on larger iOS devices
  • Environment polish and more environment animations
  • Combat status icon explainer added
    • Look for it on the combat stats screen and combat pause menu
  • Heroes now attack their closest enemy more consistently
    • Heroes more likely to turn around if closest enemy is behind
  • When Judy dies at end of combat wave, her purple skill will now finish properly

UI Improvements

  • Friend Campaigns
    • Now have an updated combat preview screen
    • Friend level 1 story now starts on this screen, before battle begins
      • Check the Friend Wall for any story you may have missed
  • Chat now supports a subset of native emoji. Express yourself!
  • Offerwall improvements
    • Offerwalls now give VIP rings as well as diamonds
    • Offerwall diamonds are now delivered via mailbox message
  • Heroes ready to promote now have red dot
  • Evolving hero now shows power increase
  • Memory disks can now be unequipped
  • Heroes posted to chat now show memory disk icon
  • City Watch prompts you to reset if you finish it
  • Daily Deals now notify you when about to expire
  • Friend requests now show requestor’s guild
  • Friend wall improvements to date formats and ordering of posts
  • Improvements to guild wall post editing

Bugs & Misc

  • Disney Heroes has been optimized for iPhone X
  • Choose Merc window performance has been improved
  • City Watch victory screen now shows correct HP/energy of surviving heroes
  • Daily Sign-In window now now auto scrolls so the claim button is not offscreen
  • Fixed issues with scroll position resetting on certain screens
  • Fixed issue with Arena promotion rewards not being delivered
    • All missed promotion rewards will be delivered the next time you open the Arena screen

Just checking, will zurg ever get debuffed ahahaha and now with his disk power… maybe given one character too much power with not a lot to counter. I know there are some counters but still there’s needs to me more, just like how many shield counters there are now!

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