Can invasion be made less automation friendly?

I had a lot of hope when the recent “invasion overhaul” was announced, but that turned out to be just tweaking of rewards without any redesign.

Everyone understands at this point that invasion is a grindfest. The fundamental problem is that on teams where you can one shot any boss (i.e. red and yellow), spamming quick fight causes an infinite loop where you actually get more resources than you started with. Eg if you start with 240 stamina, this converts to 25 breakers (20 breaker fights + 5 bonus at the end), which converts back into 375 stamina. That gives you loads of room for failed attacks as you have over 50% more than you need.

The result of this, along with the convenience of just hitting a quick fight button, is that invasion is incredibly easy to automate and players actually playing invasion on a mobile device have absolutely no chance to keep up with people running autohotkey scripts 24/7 on an emulator.

@Polaris - please can you consider steps to break automation in invasion. It used to be a very minor issue for a few players, but it seems pretty widespread now and with the increased rewards, matters a lot more.

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I use my phone and no autoclicker s21 suga always top 10 if not top 3

So the auto key/emulator stuff is almost always against TOS, and they do ban for it. I don’t think many people are actually doing that. A lot of the top invasion folks just work to find the one shot team and then spend a LOT of time spamming quick fights. Just like arena promotions in platinum - has more to do with how much time you have than how good you are.

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Yes, I’ve been wanting to talk about this. But my big post on the biggest problems the game is facing, is never done before something changes in a major way.

Tbh I’m not 100% sure if it’s against the ToS or not (I would assume so though). I do not want to accuse anyone and this is not the place for it.

My point is that I think this is bad design, and the problem will only get worse and worse as more people realise that automation is the optimal way to play. The best case scenario is that people spend hundreds of hours tapping quick fight to try to keep up, and the worst case is that people feel forced to play on emulators with automation software. Both are pretty terrible IMO.

If this was a widely exploited issue & I was the dev, I’d code some script to randomly switch the positions of the Quick Fight & Fight buttons every time the screen was loaded :smile:

I’m not sure it’s prevalent enough to warrant the inconvenience to normal players, though, and I wouldn’t really want to see Invasion resources get completely overhauled to solve it either. Not sure what can be done :thinking:

Are there really teams that one-shot the boss 100% of the time, without fail? The times I’ve watched Emitz’s stream, there’s always occasional failures even from his optimal team; the team’s white skills aren’t timed well, the bot (even slowed to a crawl) manages to summon creeps at an inopportune time, and whoops, the bot’s laser takes out Mim or Gizmoduck or Mr. Incredible. Even if such failures happen only one time in 50, that’s still enough to interrupt the automation, so that the player will have to put in some supervision over it.

So basically you’re looking for players whose teams are so overpowering that they never fail, and who also use emulators with autohotkey script support. That seems like an awfully small pool of players.

The only near-perfect team I have is red team. Once I get far enough, no deaths except every 10-20 bots or less.The real variable is how slow you get the bot and how fast, honestly - sometimes RNG just does it’s thing.

But even if you lose a couple every now and then, if you have the team saved in your lineups you just do a couple extra taps and you’re back it

Yes, exactly. Is there automation software sophisticated enough to do those extra taps without human intervention, or does the player have to step in when that happens? Because if the automation can’t run unsupervised for hours on end, I don’t think there’s a problem at all, much less one that requires overhauling invasion for.

Yes there is, and it’s not sophisticated at all. However I don’t really want this topic to devolve into a discussion about how to exploit invasion in this way.

What I would like is if invasion wasn’t infinite. I don’t know what the best way to do this would be, but examples would include:

  • nerf Gizmoduck (again!) and cap Mim white skill damage, so that no colour has a “one shot any bot” team
  • reduce stamina from killing bots so you will eventually run out (it would need to be less than half of what it is now to make a difference)
  • some kind of hard cap on daily activity eg you can only attack up to 1000 bots per day

and see another 25% of the player base (at least) leave, mostly showoffs :slight_smile:

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this is the only mode to get unlimited gold so why nerf it ? Because u don’t wanna quick fight ? There is no p2w here jus strategy … also nerfing gizmo again and mim won’t do much there is more teams I promise u because I use one that has neither and always top 10

:exploding_head: how?!

Breaker fights, I assume. It’s not a lot of gold, but if you can keep going for thousands of fights, it can add up. To be exact, you apparently get 1000+(10 * breaker #) gold for each breaker, or (1005 + (5 * n)) * n total gold for beating n breakers; so for beating 1000 breakers, you’d earn 6,005,000 gold, or for 2000 breakers, 22,010,000 gold.


I think I’d rather do a handful of surge battles to get my 22m gold than spend literally the entire week on 2000 breakers :grimacing:

U get 15 stamina from beating your boss with one shot then 12 stamina for quick fight in breaker … rinse and repeat

But there’s a limit on surge with available toons and guild coordination of course … agree gold is quicker but is limited in attempts

I think this supports the point if anything. To reach breaker fight 2500 I was doing invasion for about 6 hours a day, every day for 6 days. For 36 hours I sure as hell wasn’t doing that for the pitiful 25 million gold that gave me. The only way to get a meaningful amount of gold from invasion is to automate your way to breaker 10000 or 20000+.

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This isn’t true at all … u can manually do it if your team can one shot then quick fight everything

How could you figure and believe that?
Every qf team has a moment of die
Plus every qf time is different than the other one
Plus bot place is changing ‘not always at left’

You better work harder to earn better rank

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