Can’t even beat easy City Watch - help! (Thanks for the advice!)

So this week’s weekly challenge is to complete a City Watch without any Damage heroes. I’ve tried this for literally days (even resetting CW and removing friendship disks to lower the difficulty), but I haven’t been able to get past the 5th stage. My best team with Damage heroes is ~90k, and without maxes at ~85k, all Orange and I’m level 91. F2P, if relevant.

I’ve read all the guides I can find, and have tried a ton of combinations over the past few days. At one point, I even tossed in my Damage heroes just to see if my best team could beat the level. It couldn’t even kill one of the five.

I love a challenge, but I’m getting so frustrated! I’ve tried a combination of teams (I have scare and freeze teams for Coliseum, and tried maxing Nick’s lemmings skill in advance, although he’s a Damage role), but absolutely no luck. I even tried to attack in two rounds, but I can’t kill even 1/5 with my best team, let alone a weaker one!

Any advice, or should I just let this week’s challenge go? Thanks in advance!!

Team I still can’t beat even if I were to use my Damage heroes:

I see and yeah, happy to try and help :-).
First of all I recommend you to post the characters you have so we have a better reference point in terms of team suggestions for you.

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Thanks so much! I have most of the game’s characters at orange or purple. Here’s a few screenshots of my character progression!

Huge thanks! Hope that’s not too many screens, figured other than some useful skills most below that point would be too weak to make it past the first attack. Thanks!!

I assume at least it could be a pretty decent idea for you to level up Minnie in order to counter the other person’s Minnie and team.

I am not sure if you have Pooh or Maximus, but they could be a decent option for tanks/defenders :-).

So maybe Pooh/Maximus, Li Shang, Minnie, Kristoff and Meg/Rapunzel?

Worth a try if you have the option.

You have no high leveled tanks/defenders really so those might be good to get.
So you know, while Sulley is technically outdated in other modes, but in City Watch he is really good as he with his Woody disk can team heal the team at the end of every battle, that way you always start a battle with full health :-). Sulley is a decent enough damager too, even if technically outdated his Woody disk make him pretty decent in City Watch and helps with the overall survivability.

Hope all of this helps :-).


Kira, you rock!! That was super helpful!! I have those heroes, looks like I’ve got some work to do before this challenge comes back around! I appreciate your time, thanks!

Try I am and Maximus, they’re really good even if only at purple

Sorry Ian Lightfoot

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No problem at all, happy to help you ^^.

In order to level up and badge up the characters faster I recommend refreshing the Black Market and/or Mega Mart a lot as you that way will be able to get a lot of resources faster and as such getting them good faster :-).

Another character I recommend for City Watch is Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn disk as with it you can basically store an extra attack as in another energy bar, and as such have between 1-2 pretty ready at the start of the battles :-). While towards the end it might be harder to keep up backup energy for all the characters, but you usually have 1-2 characters who can active their White skill at the start.

While you can’t use Nick right now due to the damage role ban, but Nick too fits in the City Watch combo as I call it, as in Nick with his 5 lemmings, Sulley wiht his Woody disk and Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn disk :-).
Even if these characters aren’t all that new they are pretty good in City Watch so they can be good backup characters, Wall-E especially is good to have in the City Watch battles all the time in order to get the energy boost :-).


Great idea!! I’ll give Ian a go, love his shrinking power! Thanks!!

Ypur welcome

It’s fine if you don’t have him

Have you considered using jasmine? She’s really good in city watch

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Moana has high basic damage and because of her high armor negation, she can deal more normal damage. So using her is a good option. Another one is Powerline because his green skill shocks the enemy by making a sudden entrance and the white skill can do more damage per use. Evil Queen is also good, I heard. Kristoff and Sven and Elsa are a perfect combo for freezes. But Mulan is the best. These are some of the few that I personally recommend.

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the challenge is no damage hero’s you reference damage toons. That’s their issue

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Have you tried kristoff, megara, rapunzel, bo, Shang. That might be a combo without upgrades.
You get a lot of healing to keep bo alive while kristoff , Shang, and meg can boost bo’S skill power and basic damage. Yes it lacks debuff (which would be solved with friend disks at higher levels).

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Thank you all so incredibly much for the help! I saw a ton of great suggestions, although the no damage heroes definitely makes it trickier! Thank you for your time, I’ll let you know if any of the combos work! Might try one more reset tomorrow using your suggestions, then call it good with the challenge until next time.

Thank you all!! :purple_heart:

Happy to help! In fact, I think I missed out on Rapunzel. Her healing can be further upgraded by mod upgrades (Provided you’re at Challenger) but nonetheless, her blue skill can still be upgraded from collecting upgrade pieces from invasion and it should be easier due to the new tweaks. Her purple skill also saves her from heavy damage while she is disabled.

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I passed it quite well with K&S, Rapunzel, Minnie, Cheshire and Goofy. Sometimes it required specific white skill timing, but since you can repeat fights, it can be found out. First I thought Mulan teams would cause problems, but I found them to be the easiest to beat. What didn’t work for me: Tron and Bo. I don’t see Goofy/Cheshire in your list, so I’d try with Li Shang and H&D

Don’t understand it, got 500k power and still can’t beat it on easy

Most ridiculous game mode, everyone saying use certain hero’s, if you havnt got them at a decent power they are useless…

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