Cant complete city watch

Am i the only one who is still stuck on medium city watch im lvl 165 and tried different combos some of my guilds top player quit because of this we sent tickets for it but theres currently nothing they can do about it is the only message we get and i tried those tricks with removing disks and stuff still doesnt work for me this its just stupid really what am i supposed to do to complete it just give up or what


It’s easy man


My team Is Jafar, Joy, T&P, D&B and Goofy. Turn off auto, use when needed. I always pass the Hard mode with the same team entire time


You wanna, like, elaborate on that?


Same. I also am stuck on medium mode. But I think Bentran612 is right. I try to turn off auto and stop using quick fight. That’s what I do. I reached to region 4

Can you tell me how? I can’t find it on the settings.

I already tried removing auto to make sure my team is charged up for next battle and even that doesnt work

He means the auto fight button in fights, under the fast forward button.

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CW is an overpowered mess. Most teams comps come from arena/coli where people use the same 10/20ish op/new toons. All the toons in CW are magically maxed out after the 1st area which makes it rough to finish.

Also, medium CW and under is especially useless due to the skill key system, which is another problem entirely due to how inaccessible it is to all players :pensive:


Oh. I got it now. Thank you.


CW is a joke now. They purposely throw the most OP mods in epic mode to heavily cripple your team so you can’t proceed too far.

Hard mode is just the same team comp over and over— but, heavily buffed up.

All they have to do is make generic teams the game makes up and make the difficulty rise little by little per district.

I’m 165, high power and in a top 5 guild on S2 and we’re all facing the same issues. There’s a difference between hard and impossible.


Yeah like you said its over powered like crazy i pass wave 1 and when i get to wave 2 all the heroes are crazy over powered its insane


I usually win most of my City Watches these days, but I do sometimes have to give up, I am usually able to defeat Epic City Watch after a lot experimentation.

I recommend having Nick and Sulley in case needed, Nick for his really strong Lemmings and Sulley for his team heal skill that usually actives at the end of every battle which means full HP in the next battle

Crowd control can also keep the overpowered enemies in check from attacking which usually give yourself enough time to attack back even if some experimentation for what work and what doesn’t work team composition wise against the particular enemy you are fighting.

Hope this can help some :-).

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I will try that thanks

No problem and hope it works for you :-).

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I hope so too its getting rediculious really at this point put time and effort to upgrade heroes and nothing works

I must unfortunately agree. Despite the issues everyone seems to have with City Watch I haven’t had that much trouble. Maybe try bringing in a really good merc. It will decrease your Skill Chip output slightly, but depending on how much trouble you have getting even slightly far in, that might not be a problem at all.

I really think they should just have city watch be made of randomized teams. City Watch is a offline single player experience. If I want to battle overpowered Arena line-ups I would just battle in Arena.


PB should have been aware of this for a while.
Making heroes this broken (power creeps) it was more than inevitable for this to happen at some point.
Meta heroes are filling the whole mode leaving with little variation for people to fight. As a result, frustration kicks in quickly.
Old City watch was fine and balanced, but as thing are progressing, something must be done. This difficulty mechanic just doesn’t fit. Mods and Red skills can also take the blame to the problem since most meta players have everything maxed out.
Your suggestion is more than welcome or PB has to rework a little on the difficulty.
They could also input some kind of sabotage system like guild war in city watch.


You and I share the same strategy.
Unfortunately for me doesn’t always work because of some wards. Like tanks taking more damage, or support and control heroes gain less energy.
I’m trying to level Joy to see if that helps. Need a secondary healing source very bad besides Sulley.

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