Captain b mccrea Wall - e character concept

“I can’t be sitting here doing nothing on this ship that is what everyone has been doing on this ship”

Bio captain b mccrea leader of the axiom takes a sit and blocks all enemy attacks

Frontline tank
Trial team blue

Entrance captain b mccrea entrances in his hover chair hovering to the enemies

Victory captain b. Mccrea goes of his hover chair and stands
Stars 2
Defeat captain b mccrea falls of his hover chair lying down unable to get back up with purple skill he just falls down and can’t get back up

Basic attack see skill 1

White skill The power of the manual

passive instead of a basic attack captain b mccrea reads a Manual gaining 250 energy and x armor for the rest of the wave active captain b mccrea calls Han-s which punches through the enemy reinforcement punching all enemies for 7 seconds each punch dealing x fantastic damage all attack speed and damage increase buffs will only be applied to Han-s

Green skill morning announcements captain b mccrea gives morning announcements studying all enemies and having a 100% dodge all incoming attacks

The dodge and study has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill you look gorgeous

Pr-t gives captain b mccrea a make over captain b mccrea gains 700 energy a shield that lasts x hp and lasts 10 seconds and x reality

Purple skill not going to sit down doing nothing once per battle when captain b mccrea reaches 0 hp captain b mccrea revives with maximum hp and + x maximum hp per attack captain b mccrea dodges
Also he punches an enemy then reads the manual 2 times gaining 300 energy per time

Red skill axiom captain, captain b mccrea gains more information from the manual therefore also allowing allies to have x basic damage and captain b mccrea gains 80% armor and reality per basic attack

Also captain b mccrea summons 1 secur t (+3 per 15 red skill levels) when he uses morning announcements the secur-t just enters no new animations for mccrea each secur t has x hp and deals x true damage per second a maximum of 30 secur-ts can be on the battlefield at one time.

Friendship with auto and go-4 AUTO & GO-4 (WALL-E Hero Concept)

Captain b mccreas now in the city
Auto is surprised to see mccrea
They have a rhyming adventure you see
Every line ends with a word that rhymes with mccrea you see
Then mccrea and wall-e have a dance party
Disk is called
Captain vs orders
Effect is Not going to sit down doing nothing now does 200 energy per attack

Friendship with Swedish chef
Captain b mccrea notices that the corn pie shop is out of stock so he and decide to plant 1 corn and all of its kernels because a kernel is a seed so Swedish chef plant corn kernels corn and plants all the kernels now Swedish chef and mccrea are fighting creeps for the full 8 hours of the corn growing.

Friendship disk is called stalks out of stocks
Effect is When captain b mccrea gains armor or reality he gains 100 energy. Also captain mccrea starts the battle with 11 seconds of invincibility

So you like

It’s pretty good. However, I would recommend asking for permission before linking someone else’s concept, especially mine.


Oh sorry you were the only one to make a concept like auto

Did you even look it up?

Also yeah please ask for permission if you are gonna use someone elses´s concept for something


I took elements a small from the debut of mccrea then for the purple and red skill I took some of my favorite quotes from the movie made by him also for the first friendship after the auto one I picked king Louie but then I thought that Swedish chef would be better because of his corn skill and theming

Or, the person can make an AUTO concept themselves.

Probaly wall e or eve would befriend him for the second disc since auto is not in dhbm

Good point

That would have been way more preferable.

Please, don’t revive dead topics.

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