AUTO & GO-4 (WALL-E Hero Concept)


The Axiom’s autopilot and his hench-bot join the fray, seeking control over the onslaught against creeps.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “All communications are terminated. You are confined to quarters.”

Entrance: AUTO descends into the battlefield and activates, and GO-4 hovers into the battlefield beneath him.
Victory: AUTO spins his wheel, while GO-4 salutes.
KO: AUTO shuts down, while GO-4 shorts out.

Basic Attack: AUTO zaps enemies with his taser.

White Skill - Must Follow Directive - Fantastic Damage
AUTO sends GO-4 to restrain the closest enemy in an anti-gravity stasis beam, stunning them for 5 seconds. While that enemy is stunned, AUTO studies them for 4 seconds and gains X HP.

Green Skill - Resisting Arrest
AUTO releases his taser and shocks multiple enemies at once, dealing X damage to enemies and slowing their attack speed by 60% for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill - Minion Scare
GO-4 raises his arms and screams, scaring enemies for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill - Not Possible
AUTO & GO-4 gain X energy each time an enemy they scared using their “Minion Scare” skill takes damage. Their max HP and armor are increased to X.

Red Skill - Mutiny!
If AUTO & GO-4 reach 25% their max HP, they will steal X HP from the ally with the most HP.

AUTO & GO-4 + Ralph
Campaign: Death in a Can - AUTO asks for Ralph to show him around the City, and plots to initiate a hostile takeover, but Ralph, having taken on a mindless virus, knows that the wheel is up to no good.
Disk: Admin Controls
Disk Memory: Each time AUTO & GO-4 perform their “Must Follow Directive” skill, their attack speeds increase by 35% for 6 seconds.
Disk Power: Z armor
Allies: Mike Wazowski, Gonzo, Emperor Zurg

AUTO & GO-4 + Baymax
Campaign: Intelligent Design - AUTO, wanting to upgrade his stewards, requests that Baymax share his designs with him, but Baymax refuses, saying that he does not have permission to access his schematic files. Impatient, AUTO attempts to take the files by force.
Disk: Lesson Learned
Disk Memory: AUTO & GO-4 remove X energy from each enemy they damage using their “Resisting Arrest” skill.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Hercules, the Queen of Hearts, Buzz Lightyear


Why, I was expecting one of the skills to summon a secur-t robot to act as a wall.

I think this should be ally with most HP. I mean, no one wants a hero to kill its ally!

And also, you keep on forgetting red skill stats.

Good concept though.

Have you not read Jafar’s Purple skill?

At least, an uncharmed hero to kill its ally.

Well, I’ve edited it as you suggested, so maybe that changes things.

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No, they don’t. Just because you think they should add a move involving Secur-T robots doesn’t mean they have to if they don’t want to.


While I agree that it´d have been a good idea, they can do the concept however they want


You really want to flag a concept just because Secur-T isn’t included in it? :expressionless:


Well of course I waited for this all of this month and last month

Please all might one just please make a skill with secur ts

Realistic white skill passive instead of a basic attack auto summons a secur t which has x hp and deals x true damage per hit there is a limit of 25 secur ts

Hey, it’s not your concept. They can put they whatever they want. You can’t just barge in and start telling people what they should put in it. Your not the Concept King.


Good point I make my own concepts and theoneandonlyhero1 can make lunarius as a concept or i will in about 2 weeks

Why should they listen to you? Your way too pushy and bossy and nobody like to be bossed around. They can make a concept on whoever they want, whenever they want. They don’t need to be pushed into making concepts.

I hate to be rude but I got to tell you. In the short time you’ve been here, you’ve made a pretty lousy impression.


@Loutre please shut down comments. Someone’s really lost it…

Who me? Or Dingwall?



No I think it is you mr toon


They even said who they were saying that too…

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